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Nina Barsukova,
Phone: +79176117834
Email: sovizd@uonb.ru

Program Overview

[Translated from the submission in Russian]

The regional book publishing program provides for a competitive selection for the provision of subsidies in the implementation of publishing projects about the Simbirsk province – Ulyanovsk region, reflecting the diversity of cultural, scientific, social life of the region and contributing to the preservation of the national heritage, the continuation of the best traditions and ensuring the continuity of generations. The task of the publishing program is to identify and support previously unpublished or republishing works of special scientific and cultural value of local history content about the Simbirsk – Ulyanovsk Territory, its history, life and activities of prominent people of the Simbirsk province and Ulyanovsk region:  development of the Simbirsk province – Ulyanovsk region in the historical and modern aspects in the political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual and moral spheres; the world-historical significance of the Simbirsk province – Ulyanovsk region as a political, economic, cultural, scientific region of Russia; versatile relationships between the Simbirsk province – Ulyanovsk region, other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

  • Publishing Activities Began: 2006
  • Location: Russia
  • Languages published: Russian
  • Organization: organization (e.g. non-profit association, library consortia) that provides or supports library publishing activities on behalf of its library members
  • Stage (1-3): 3 - Established
  • Stage Comments: From 2006 to 2019, 119 book titles were published under the Regional Book Publishing Program. In addition, every year since 2011, Memory Books dedicated to the participants in the Great Patriotic War, home front workers and children of the war, Memory Books "Soldiers of the Fatherland" are published, in which documents are published related to the theme of memory of servicemen who died in local wars and in the line of duty, in peacetime and others. In total, 9 series of Commemorative Books were published by 2020.
  • Open Access Focus (1-5): 5 - Completely
  • Program Advisory/Editorial Board: Yes
Staffing (in Full Time Equivalents):
  • Professional staff: 3
Funding Sources for Publishing Activities:
  • Library Operating Budget: 100%

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: conference papers and proceedings, faculty; monographs; newsletters; methodical recommendations for librarians.

  2020 Open Access Paid Hybrid
Conference papers and proceedings, faculty 1 1
Conference papers and proceedings, student
Educational resources (ex. textbooks, course modules)
Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)
Journals, campus-based faculty-created
Journals, campus-based student-created
Journals, contracted by external groups
Journals, inactive back-issues
Monographs 14 14
Technical/Research Reports
Undergraduate Capstones/Honors Theses
Other/Additional Publishing Activities:
methodical recommendations for librarians (12)

2020: New publications from July 2019 to June 2020. Journals include titles actively publishing during the date range. Other publication types include items that were published or added to repositories for the first time within the date range.

OA/Paid/Hybrid: Publications currently published and/or available online. OA (open access) publications do not include counts for hybrid publications. Hybrid publications are those that offer a combination of both open access and pay-access content.

Library-Administered University Press Publications:

For journals, include titles that published at least one article in the last twelve months. For other publication types, report items that were published or added to your repository for the first time within the last twelve months.

Conference papers and proceedings, faculty 1
Monographs 14


Internal Partners: campus departments or programs

Openness to working with external partners: Open to working with any external partner

Part of a consortium that provides support for publishing? no

Work with a university press? no

Administer a university press? no
  • Relationship between library publishing and university press: Separate Entities

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • concept maps or other visualizations
  • data
  • images
  • multimedia/interactive content
  • text
  • video
Softwares & Platforms:
  • Manifold
  • locally developed software

Additional Services:
  • analytics
  • applying for Cataloging in Publication Data
  • author advisory – copyright
  • author advisory – other
  • budget preparation
  • cataloging
  • contract/license preparation
  • data visualization
  • digitization
  • image services
  • outreach
  • peer review management
  • training
  • typesetting
  • editing

Additional Information

Plans for Expansion & Future Directions:
The minimum is to establish a professional layout of scientific collections, calendars of significant dates and other publications of the library. The maximum is to provide paid services to authors (layout + editing + proofreading) who apply to the publishing program and others.
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