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Allison Levy, Digital Scholarship Editor
Phone: 401-863-1503

Program Summary

Brown University’s Digital Publications Initiative, which was launched with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2015 and has received renewed support through 2025, is a collaboration between the University Library and the Dean of the Faculty. The Initiative extends the University’s mission of supporting and promoting innovative faculty scholarship, while also helping to catalyze both the practice and recognition of digital scholarship in the humanities — on campus and beyond. Anchored in the University Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown’s Digital Publications Initiative focuses on the development, evaluation, and publication of high quality, long-form, media-rich, and multimodal scholarly monographs that are not derivative of existing print publications. These born-digital “monographic” projects are validated through peer review and published by a university or quality academic press. Brown’s publication projects not only cover a wide range of humanistic fields, topics, and scholarly approaches, but also demonstrate a range of ways in which the digital environment is necessary for articulating and advancing scholarly argument beyond the capabilities of print. To date, one project has been published by the University of Virginia Press, another is forthcoming with Stanford University Press, and four other projects are nearing completion or under development. With guidance from a Faculty Advisory Board, 1-2 new projects are selected every year.

  • Publishing Activities Began: 2015
  • Location: United States
  • Stage (1-3): 2 - Early
  • Stage Comments:
  • Open Access Focus (1-5): 3 - Important