Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information (ICCU)

Carla Di Loreto, Cultural promotion service manager
Phone: +39 06 49210416
Email: carla.diloreto@beniculturali.it

Program Overview

The Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information (ICCU) manages the online catalogue of the Italian libraries and the interlibrary loan and document delivery National services; promotes and coordinates National Census of manuscripts, of 16th Century Italian editions and of the Italian libraries; develops standards and guidelines for the cataloguing and digitization. The Institute’s publishing activities include the publication of National bibliographic standards, conference proceedings and translates of international standards, cataloguing rules and guidelines of all bibliographic typologies.

It is also responsible for the publishing of DigItalia, the review of the digital in the cultural heritage, which has as its primary purpose the study and the critic debate around the use of digital technology for valorization and preservation of all cultural heritages. The review has been published since 2005, it is in Italian language and in the original languages of the foreign authors and it’s addressed to professionals, technical and public employees, scholars and researchers interested in cultural heritage. DigItalia is published in two version, a paper layout and a digital open access version on Open Journal Systems platform.

Publishing Activities Began: 1981
Location: Italy
Stage (1–5): 5 - Established
Program Advisory/Editorial Board: No

Funding Sources for Publishing Activities:
  • Library Materials Budget: %
  • Library Operating Budget: 100%
  • Non-library Campus Budget: %
  • Endowment Income: %
  • Charitable Contributions: %
  • Grants: %
  • Sales Revenue: %
  • Licensing Revenue: %
  • Charge Backs: %
  • Other: %

Publishing Activities

All Library Publishing Activities:
  • Campus-based Faculty-driven Journals: 1
  • Monographs: 2
  • Newsletters: 2

Hybrid Publishing:
  • Campus-based Faculty-driven Journals: 1
  • Monographs: 2


Disciplinary Specialties:
  • Cataloguing rules
  • Digitisation guidelines
  • Bibliographic standards
  • Ccultural heritage
Top Publications:
  • DigItalia, rivista del digitale nei beni culturali. [ISSN] 1972-6201
  • Regole italiane di catalogazione: REICAT. Roma: ICCU, 2009
  • Titolo uniforme musicale : norme per la redazione. Roma: ICCU, 2014
  • Guida alla catalogazione in SBN Musica: musica e libretti a stampa, registrazioni sonore, video e risorse elettroniche musicali. Roma: ICCU, 2012

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • text
Softwares & Platforms:
  • OJS