City Library of Pančevo

City Library of Pančevo

Department of Communication and Inclusion

Goran Trailovic, Librarian adviser
Phone: +381 (0)62-270-562

Program Summary

We are dedicated to developing and fostering scientific research in areas such as library history, cultural, communications, and educational functions of librarianship, sociology of the book and reading, information literacy, knowledge organization, bibliography, library management, management of library information systems, as well as information and media technologies in the context of the development of libraries. We make efforts to contribute to the strengthening of librarianship as a science in Serbia, to promote the dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, and to promote libraries and librarians as carriers of social development.

  • Publishing Activities Began: 1934
  • Location: Serbia
  • Stage (1-3): 3 - Established
  • Stage Comments:
  • Open Access Focus (1-5): 4 - Very Important