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Daniel J. Kaufman Library and Learning Center

Access Services

Catherine Jannik Downey, Head of Access Services
Phone: 678-407-5142

Program Overview

General Space is a program to gather, disseminate, and preserve the digital scholarship and creative output of Georgia Gwinnett College. This repository provides members of the community with a permanent outlet for their endeavors to be discovered, cited, and recognized throughout the world.

Publishing Activities Began: 2011
Location: United States
Organization: centralized library publishing unit/department
Stage (1-3): 2 - Early
Open Access Focus (1-5): 5 - Completely
Program Advisory/Editorial Board: No

Staffing (in Full Time Equivalents):
  • Professional staff: 0.5
  • Undergraduates: 0.5
Funding Sources for Publishing Activities:
  • Library Operating Budget: 100%

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: conference papers and proceedings, faculty; educational resources (ex. textbooks, course modules); monographs; newsletters; undergraduate capstones/honors theses.

  2019 Open Access Paid Hybrid
Campus-based Faculty-driven Journal
Campus-based Student-driven Journals
Faculty Conference Papers and Proceedings2
Journals for External Groups
Student Conference Papers and Proceedings
Technical/Research Reports
Undergraduate Capstones/Honors Theses19

2019: New publications from July 2018 to June 2019. Journals include titles actively publishing during the date range. Other publication types include items that were published or added to repositories for the first time within the date range.

OA/Paid/Hybrid: Publications currently published and/or available online. OA (open access) publications do not include counts for hybrid publications. Hybrid publications are those that may be offered in some form as OA, but are also available as a paid version.


Internal Partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • audio
  • text
Softwares & Platforms:
  • DSpace

Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • No digital preservation services provided