McMaster University Library

Scholarly Communication Unit

Gabriela Mircea, Digital Repository Librarian

Program Overview

Our primary task is to facilitate journal publication for faculty and students at McMaster University, but the nature of scholarly publishing entails supporting scholars well beyond our campus as well. We welcome the participation of scholars from around the world in the journals we host.

  • Publishing activities began: 2006
  • Location: Canada
  • Organization: centralized library publishing unit/department
  • Stage of publishing efforts (1-3): 3 - Established
  • Stage comments: McMaster University Library Press is a journal imprint operated by McMaster University Library in Hamilton, ON, Canada. The Library has supported the publication of faculty and student journals since 2006. We consider our publishing services to be central to a library's mission to support the production and dissemination of scholarship.
  • Open access focus (1-5): 5 - Completely
  • Program advisory/editorial board: No
  • Peer reviewed journals: 100%
Funding sources for publishing activities:
  • Library operating budget: 100%

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: journals, campus-based faculty-created; journals, campus-based student-created; journals, contracted by external groups; journals, inactive back-issues.


Internal partners: individual faculty

Openness to working with external partners: Will consider external partners if there is a tie to my institution (e.g. local editor of a journal for an external scholarly society).

Part of a consortium that provides support for publishing?

Work with a university press?

Administer a university press?

Technologies & Services

Media formats:
  • audio
  • concept maps or other visualizations
  • images
  • multimedia/interactive content
  • text
  • video
Softwares & platforms:
  • OJS

Additional services:
  • DOI distribution
  • digitization
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • training
Digital preservation strategy: