Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI)


Amanda Hurford, Scholarly Communications Director
Phone: 317-747-0507

Program Overview

PALNI Press is committed to disseminating the diverse scholarly and creative content of supported PALNI institutions and their academic communities, helping them meet their teaching and learning objectives. This service provides the capacity to create and host open access publications such as journals, textbooks, monographs, and digital exhibits, without the costs associated with program design or platform maintenance and hosting. PALNI aims to provide equal, equitable, and free access to content by all users throughout the world. PALNI’s Publishing Services Admin Team provides consultation and support for the PALNI Press service.

  • Publishing activities began: 2017
  • Location: United States
  • Languages published: English
  • Organization: organization (e.g. non-profit association, library consortia) that provides or supports library publishing activities on behalf of its library members
  • Stage of publishing efforts (1-3): 2 - Early
  • Stage comments:
  • Open access focus (1-5): 5 - Completely
  • Program advisory/editorial board: Yes
  • Peer reviewed journals: 50%
Staffing (in full-time equivalents):
  • Professional staff: 1
Funding sources for publishing activities:
  • Grants: 25%
  • Other: 75%

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: educational resources (ex. textbooks, course modules); electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs); journals, campus-based faculty-created; journals, inactive back-issues; monographs; undergraduate capstones/honors theses; digital Exhibits.

  2021 Open access Paid Hybrid
Conference papers and proceedings, faculty
Conference papers and proceedings, student
Educational resources (e.g., textbooks, course modules) 0
Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) 428
Journals, campus-based faculty-created 2
Journals, campus-based student-created
Journals, contracted by external groups
Journals, inactive back issues
Monographs 2
Technical/research reports
Undergraduate capstones/honors theses

2021: New publications from July 2020 to June 2021. Journals include titles actively publishing during the date range. Other publication types include items that were published or added to repositories for the first time within the date range.

OA/Paid/Hybrid: Publications currently published and/or available online. OA (open access) publications do not include counts for hybrid publications. Hybrid publications are those that offer a combination of both open access and pay-access content.


Top publications:
  • Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology (journal)
  • Brass Techniques and Pedagogy (textbook)
  • AcademFic: A Journal of Fiction by Academics (journal)
  • Elements of Biblical Narrative: A Brief Introduction with an Analysis of the Red Sea Story (monograph)
  • Mighty in Battle: A Literary Study of Battle Narrative in the Ancient Near East and in the Bible (monograph)
Disciplinary specialties:
  • philosophy and religion
  • fiction
  • musical instruments


Internal partners: campus departments or programs

Openness to working with external partners: Consider external partners if there is a tie to my institution (e.g. local editor of a journal for an external scholarly society)

Part of a consortium that provides support for publishing?

Work with a university press?

Administer a university press?

Technologies & Services

Media formats:
  • concept maps or other visualizations
  • data
  • images
  • multimedia/interactive content
  • text
  • video
Softwares & platforms:
  • OJS
  • Omeka
  • Pressbooks
  • Samvera
  • Hyku (marked above as Samvera)

Additional services:
  • author advisory – copyright
  • author advisory – other
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • training
  • project setup; platform training, troubleshooting, maintenance, backup, and documentation
Digital preservation strategy:
  • Digital preservation services under discussion

Additional Information

Plans for Expansion & Future Directions:
In the near term, we will start assigning ISBNS to all qualifying monographic publications, and managing peer review, copyediting, and cover design for the PALSave Textbook Creation Grants.
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