Scholars Portal (Ontario Council of University Libraries)

Scholars Portal

Kaitlin Newson, Digital Projects Librarian

Program Overview

Scholars Portal hosts journal publishing software for 12 institutions on behalf of the Ontario Council of University Libraries. Our services include software management, troubleshooting, and DOI registration sponsorship.

  • Publishing activities began: 2012
  • Location: Canada
  • Organization: organization (e.g. non-profit association, library consortia) that provides or supports library publishing activities on behalf of its library members
  • Stage of publishing efforts (1-3): 3 - Established
  • Stage comments:
  • Open access focus (1-5): Please select
  • Program advisory/editorial board: No
Staffing (in full-time equivalents):
  • Professional staff: 1.0

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: conference papers and proceedings, faculty; conference papers and proceedings, student; datasets; journals, campus-based faculty-created; journals, campus-based student-created; journals, inactive back-issues; monographs.


Openness to working with external partners: Only work with internal partners

Part of a consortium that provides support for publishing?
  • Name of consortium: Ontario Council of University Libraries
Work with a university press?

Administer a university press?

Technologies & Services

Media formats:
  • audio
  • data
  • images
  • multimedia/interactive content
  • text
  • video
Softwares & platforms:
  • Dataverse
  • OJS
  • OMP

Additional services:
  • DOI distribution
  • analytics
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • graphic design (print or web)
  • training
Digital preservation strategy:
  • PKP Preservation Network
  • Scholars Portal
Service vendors: Crossref

Additional Information

Plans for Expansion & Future Directions:
Future plans for the service include enhancing integration with the Scholars Portal Journals platform, improving automation of our systems, and growing our preservation activities.
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