Universidade de São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Sistema Integrado de Bibliotecas (Integrated Library System)

Departamento Técnico (Technical Department)
revistas.usp.br; livrosabertos.sibi.usp.br/portaldelivrosUSP

Primary Contact:
André Serradas
Head of Division Management Systems for Communication and Dissemination of Products/Services
+55 11 3091 4193

Program Overview

1) Collect periodical publications of teaching and research units, post-graduate programs and research centers of University of São Paulo.

2) USP Open Books Portal gathers and disseminates academic and scientific digital books published in open access by professors and/or technical administrative employees of the University of São Paulo.

Year publishing activities began: 1988

Organization: services are distributed across several campuses

Total FTE in support of publishing activities:

Funding sources (%):

Stage of publishing efforts (1–5): 5

Open access focus (1–5): 5

Advisory/editorial board: yes

Publishing Activities

Library-administered university press publications in 2018: campus-based faculty-driven journals (157); campus-based student-driven journals (13); journals produced under contract/MOU for external groups (3); monographs (100)

Library publications in 2018: campus-based faculty-driven journals; campus-based student-driven journals; monographs

Number of open access titles: campus-based faculty-driven journals (157); campus-based student-driven journals (13)

Number of paid titles:

Number of hybrid titles:

Media formats: text

Disciplinary specialties: agrarian sciences; biological sciences, health sciences; exact and earth sciences; social and human sciences; linguistics, literature and arts

Top publications:

Percentage of journals that are peer reviewed: 100

Percentage of journals assessing article processing charges (APCs): 3.5

Internal partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students

External partners: Public Knowledge Project

Publishing platform(s): OJS; WordPress; OMP

Digital preservation strategy: PKP PLN

Additional services: marketing; outreach; training; ISSN registry; ISBN registry; DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers; budget preparation; author copyright advisory; digitization; hosting of supplemental content

Additional Information

Plans for expansion/future directions:
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