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Primary Contact:
Terence K. Huwe
Director of Library and Information Resources

Program Overview

The IRLE Library uses digital technologies to promote the scholarly content created by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment as well as its affiliated faculty, students, and visiting scholars.

Year publishing activities began: 2002

Organization: other (individual units create their own library publishing services, but take care to work with the campus-wide and system-wide resources)

Total FTE in support of publishing activities: library staff (3); graduate students (1); undergraduate students (0.5)

Funding sources (%): library operating budget (60); grants (40)

Stage of publishing efforts (1–5):

Open access focus (1–5):

Advisory/editorial board:

Publishing Activities

Library-administered university press publications in 2014:

Library publications in 2014: faculty-driven journals (1); technical/research reports (60); faculty conference papers and proceedings (20); student conference papers and proceedings (18); newsletters (65); databases (20); In addition to working papers; conference papers and policy reports; GIS web resources

Number of open access titles:

Number of paid titles:

Number of hybrid titles:

Media formats: text; images; audio; video; data; concept maps/modeling maps/visualizations; multimedia/interactive content

Disciplinary specialties: employment and wage studies; employment in the “green economy”; public sector labor relations; sociology; management of organizations/organizational behavior

Top publications: “Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs: Use of Safety Net Programs by Wal-Mart Workers in California” (technical report); “2003 California Establishment Survey: Preliminary Findings on Employer Based Healthcare Reform” (technical report); “The Impact of San Francisco’s Employer Health Spending Requirement: Initial Findings from the Labor and Product Markets” (technical report); “Impact of SB2 on Health Coverage” (technical report)

Percentage of journals that are peer reviewed: 100

Percentage of journals assessing article processing charges (APCs):

Internal partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students

External partners: California Studies Association

Publishing platform(s): bepress (Digital Commons); DSpace; WordPress; locally developed software

Digital preservation strategy: UC3 Merritt; in-house; digital preservation services under discussion

Additional services: graphic design (print or web); typesetting; copy-editing; marketing; outreach; training; analytics; cataloging; metadata; compiling indexes and/or TOCs; ISSN registration; DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers; dataset management; business model development; budget preparation; contract/license preparation; other author advisory; digitization; hosting of supplemental content

Additional Information

Plans for expansion/future directions: Beginning to use the EPUB format for full-length ebook sales by third party outlets.
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