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Digital Production Services
United States

Primary Contact:
Judith C. Russell
Dean of University Libraries

Program Overview

The Digital Production Services unit develops, manages, and publishes digital content from curatorial collections, in support of academic programs, organizes conversion and ingest capabilities, facilitates awareness and coordinates instruction in scholarly use and development of digital technologies and their application to collection and publishing services. Additional activities in library and digital scholarship publishing continue to expand and evolve. This includes OJS and the OJS Team, and the LibraryPress@UF, which is a joint imprint with Libraries and the University of Florida Press.
The UF Press and Libraries both have deep expertise in digital publishing. With aligned missions and complementary roles, the UF Press and Libraries frequently collaborate to foster the creation, promotion, access, and preservation of research and creative works, in support of teaching, research, and the public sphere.
The LibraryPress@UF publishes works:
• Focused on areas unique to the LibraryPress@UF (e.g., limited editions, artists’ books, campus specific, on UF history, developing and building upon the Libraries’ digital and physical holdings)
• Selected to support the goals of the title, the Libraries’ goals for LibraryPress@UF including enhancement and extension of the library collections, and the Press goals for LibraryPress@UF
• Selected to support the shared goal for increasing and enriching collaboration

Year publishing activities began: 2006

Organization: services are distributed across library units/departments

Total FTE in support of publishing activities: portions of time for multiple faculty and professional staff, 1.5 FTE

Funding sources (%): library operating budget (90); grants (Mellon/NEH Open Book grant) (10)

Stage of publishing efforts (1–5):

Open access focus (1–5):

Advisory/editorial board:

Publishing Activities

Library-administered university press publications in 2017: books (2)

Library publications in 2017: campus-based faculty-driven journals (2); campus-based student-driven journals (3); monographs (2); journals produced under contract/MOU for external groups (5); textbooks (1); newsletters (2); databases (14); ETDs (1198); student conference papers and proceedings (1); undergraduate capstones/honors theses (182)

Number of open access titles: journals (9); monographs (1)

Number of paid titles: journals (1)

Number of hybrid titles:

Media formats: text; images; audio; video; data; concept maps, modeling, maps, or other visualizations

Disciplinary specialties: agriculture; Caribbean studies; chemistry; Jewish studies

Top publications: ARL Position Description Bank (database); Florida Entomologist (journal); Journal of Undergraduate Research (journal); Chemical Engineering Education (journal); Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society (journal)

Percentage of journals that are peer reviewed: 100

Percentage of journals assessing article processing charges (APCs):

Internal partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students

External partners: Florida Anthropological Society, Florida Horticultural Society, Florida Geological Survey, Medical Anthropology Quarterly (post-print archive), Florida Entomological Society, St. Augustine Historical Society, Panama Canal Society, Rossica Society of Russian Philately, Florida and Caribbean newspaper publishers for the Florida Digital Newspaper Library and the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library with digital archives and publication for the newspapers; see partner list:

Publishing platform(s): OJS; SobekCM (UF Digital Collections); Scalar; WordPress

Digital preservation strategy: FCLA DAITSS; HathiTrust; in-house

Additional services: print-on-demand; marketing; outreach; training; analytics; cataloging; metadata; compiling indexes and/or TOCs notification of A&I sources; notification of A&I sources; ISSN registry; ISBN registry; DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers; open URL support; dataset management; business model development; contract/license preparation; author copyright advisory; other author advisory; digitization; image services; data visualization; hosting of supplemental content; audio/video streaming; other

Additional Information

Plans for expansion/future directions: Future plans include close collaboration with the University Press for the LibraryPress@UF. The Libraries and the Press also have a joint Mellon Open Book grant for the digitziation and ePub creation for out of print books. The Libraries are extending the new experience with ePubs for the creation of ePub textbooks in collaboration with the University of Havana. Ongoing activities include publication of textbooks, artists books, and experimental digital scholarship, along with integration with courses and academic programs, as with the academic publishing track in the graduate program for the Department of History and academic publishing internships and activities as they relate to the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate. The Libraries and Press are also collaborating on diversity activities. The Libraries and Press also have an ARL SPEC Kit on Libraries and Presses that will be underway in 2017. The LibraryPress@UF has many books planned for 2016-2017.
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