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Scholarly Communication and Publishing

Daniel Tracy, Head, Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Phone: 217-300-8439

Program Overview

Scholarly Communication and Publishing develops innovative, sustainable structures for the development of digital scholarship and broad dissemination and enduring preservation of the scholarly conversation, towards the goal of ensuring that the benefits of scholarship accrue to everyone. We provide expertise on copyright, authors’ rights, digital humanities, online scholarly identities, and open access publishing to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois. We also collaborate with libraries, research centers and institutes, departments, and individual faculty and staff to lower the cost of producing, disseminating, and preserving high-quality educational and scholarly publications through optimized use of resources. We also work with other public institutions seeking to publish scholarly material or general-interest works that will benefit the people of Illinois and the world.

Publishing Activities Began: 2010
Location: United States
Organization: services distributed across library units/departments
Stage (1-3): 2 - Early
Open Access Focus (1-5): 5 - Completely
Program Advisory/Editorial Board: Yes
Peer Reviewed Journals: 100%
Journals that assess article processing charges: 25%

Staffing (in Full Time Equivalents):
  • Professional staff: 4
  • Graduate students: 1
Funding Sources for Publishing Activities:
  • Library Operating Budget: 80%
  • Endowment Income: 5%
  • Grants: 15%

Publishing Activities

Types of publications: conference papers and proceedings, faculty; conference papers and proceedings, student; educational resources (ex. textbooks, course modules); electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs); journals, campus-based faculty-created; journals, campus-based student-created; journals, contracted by external groups; monographs; technical/research reports; undergraduate capstones/honors theses; Original datasets.

  2019 Open Access Paid Hybrid
Campus-based Faculty-driven Journal33
Campus-based Student-driven Journals16
Faculty Conference Papers and Proceedings
Journals for External Groups 11
Student Conference Papers and Proceedings
Technical/Research Reports
Undergraduate Capstones/Honors Theses3

2019: New publications from July 2018 to June 2019. Journals include titles actively publishing during the date range. Other publication types include items that were published or added to repositories for the first time within the date range.

OA/Paid/Hybrid: Publications currently published and/or available online. OA (open access) publications do not include counts for hybrid publications. Hybrid publications are those that may be offered in some form as OA, but are also available as a paid version.

Other/Additional Publishing Activities:

  • Library Publishing Activities: Original datasets (66)


Top Publications:
  • #TheJayzMixtape (multimodal monograph)
  • Claude Monet: The Water-Lilies and Other Writings on Art (translated monograph)
  • Love and Suspense in Paris Noir: Navigating the Seamy World of Jake Lamar's "Rendezvous Eighteenth" (multimodal monograph)
  • Media-N (journal)
  • SourceLab (journal)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • African-American studies
  • literature
  • urban studies
  • new media
  • history


Internal Partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students
University Press Partners: University of Illinois Press

Openess to Partners: Open to working with any external partner
Best publications to refer to our program: Multimodal (text plus multimedia) publications; open textbooks; companion websites for traditional text monographs; publications fitting the Pressbooks, Omeka S, and Scalar platforms.

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • audio
  • concept maps or other visualizations
  • data
  • images
  • multimedia/interactive content
  • text
  • video
Softwares & Platforms:
  • DSpace
  • OJS
  • OMP
  • Pressbooks
  • Scalar
  • locally developed software

Additional Services:
  • analytics
  • author advisory – copyright
  • author advisory – other
  • cataloging
  • copyediting
  • dataset management
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • ISBN registry
  • marketing
  • peer review management
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Digital preservation services under discussion
  • HathiTrust
  • In-house
Service Vendors: Freelancers; Crossref; Bowker
Highlighted Publication

Love and Suspense in Paris Noir: Navigating the Seamy World of Jake Lamar's "Rendezvous Eighteenth"

Taking readers on an itinerant journey through Jake Lamar’s novel Rendezvous Eighteenth, Tyechia Thompson, practitioner of Black Paris, explores narratives of African-American expatriates in Lamar’s life, his Paris, and his work. Unfolding in six different paths, this interactive literary analysis pulls together interviews with Jake Lamar and relevant videos, showing Lamar’s chosen setting of the Eighteenth Arrondissement and treatment of race as a departure from contemporary fiction of its type.

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