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Primary Contact:
David Corbly
Director, Repository Services

Program Overview

The University of Oklahoma Libraries supports platforms for open access journal and book publishing. We seek publishing partners who: wish to publish open access (OA) journals; wish to publish open access books in the history of science; wish to publish OER; utilize an internationally/nationally recognized editorial board; have the resources and staff to publish in a timely manner on a regular schedule; seek to publish original scholarly content; are selective in accepting quality content for publication via a rigorous peer-review process.

Year publishing activities began: 2013

Organization: services are distributed across library units/departments

Total FTE in support of publishing activities: professional staff (1)

Funding sources (%): library operating budget (100)

Stage of publishing efforts (1–5): (5)

Open access focus (1–5): (5) Completely

Advisory/editorial board: Y

Publishing Activities

Library-administered university press publications in 2018:

Library publications in 2018: campus­-based faculty-­driven journals (4); campus-­based student­ driven journals (1); newsletters (1) ; ETDs (525)

Number of open access titles: journals (4); monographs (0)

Number of paid titles: journals (0); monographs (0)

Number of hybrid titles: journals (0); monographs (0)

Media formats: text; images; audio; video

Disciplinary specialties: American Politics; Higher Education and Athletics; Signage and Wayfinding; Children's and Young Adult Literature

Top publications: American Review of Politics (journal); Study and Scrutiny: Research on Young Adult Literature (journal); Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding (journal); Journal of Higher Education Athletics & Innovation (journal)

Percentage of journals that are peer reviewed: 0.8

Percentage of journals assessing article processing charges (APCs): 0

Internal partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students

External partners: Max Planck Institute; Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE)

Publishing platform(s): CONTENTdm; DSpace; OJS; Wordpress

Digital preservation strategy: Amazon Glacier; Amazon S3; Archive-It; HathiTrust; in-house; digital preservation services under discussion

Additional services: graphic design (print or web); print­-on-­demand; marketing; outreach; training; analytics; cataloging; metadata; notification of A&I sources; ISSN registry; ISBN registry; DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers; open URL support; dataset management; author copyright advisory; other author advisory

Additional Information

Plans for expansion/future directions: Migration to OJS 3; publishing and uploading OU faculty-produced OER; piloting Markdown publishing workflow; digitizing of existing print journals; goal is to add two new journal titles per year
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