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Library Partners Press
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United States

Primary Contact:
William Kane
Director, Digital Publishing

Program Overview

Digital Publishing at Wake Forest University helps faculty, staff, and students create, collect, and convert otherwise unpublished works into digitally distributed books, journals, articles, and the like.

Year publishing activities began: 2011

Organization: services are distributed across campus

Total FTE in support of publishing activities: professional staff (1); paraprofessional staff (0.25)

Funding sources (%): library operating budget (25); non-library campus budget (75)

Stage of publishing efforts (1–5): Established

Open access focus (1–5): 3

Advisory/editorial board: y

Publishing Activities

Library-administered university press publications in 2018: n/a

Library publications in 2018: monographs (20); textbooks (3); technical/research reports (6); faculty conference papers and proceedings (6); student conference papers and proceedings (6); newsletters (2)

Number of open access titles: journals (); monographs ()

Number of paid titles: journals (); monographs ()

Number of hybrid titles: journals (); monographs ()

Media formats: text; images; audio; video; data; concept maps, modeling, maps, or other visualizations; multimedia/interactive content

Disciplinary specialties: literary, creative, histories

Top publications: HISTORY OF WAKE FOREST ("monograph"), WHAT MUST ARISE ("poems"), CRITICAL MEDIA STUDIES ("series"), MYSTERIOUS MOMENTS ("monograph"), QUITE HAPPY ("poems")

Percentage of journals that are peer reviewed: 50

Percentage of journals assessing article processing charges (APCs): 0

Internal partners: campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students

External partners:

Publishing platform(s): DSpace; Scalar; Wordpress; locally developed software; Tizra; Biblioboard, Pressbooks

Digital preservation strategy: Amazon Glacier; Amazon S3; Archive-It; HathiTrust; in-house; digital preservation services under discussion

Additional services: graphic design (print or web); print-on-demand; copy-editing; marketing; outreach; analytics; cataloging; metadata; compiling indexes and/or TOCs; ISBN registry; applying for Cataloging in Publication Data; DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers; business model development; budget preparation; contract/license preparation; author copyright advisory; other author advisory; digitization; audio/video streaming

Additional Information

Plans for expansion/future directions: Moving towards expanding services state-wide.
The idea behind Library Partners Press is to publish quality books (of any length and size, in both electronic and print-on-demand formats) created by Wake Forest University and North Carolina library patrons and friends. LP Press is a cooperative program established by Wake Forest University, ZSR Library, and Digital Publishing @ Wake, for the purpose of collecting, publishing, and delivering content created by library patrons everywhere. View All Entries