LPC Forum 2020

Day: Monday, May 4, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Room: TBD

Presenters: Anita Walz, Virginia Tech; Corinne Guimont, Virginia Tech; Karen Bjork, Portland State University

Description: We’ve been experimenting with open textbook creation and production tools and workflows over the past five years. We notice a large number of variables which prompt our decision making around tools, including:

  1. Level of production support (DIY versus Boutique)
  2. Amount of interior design desired (for pedagogical purposes)
  3. Peer review process (open versus blind)
  4. Desire for easily adaptable content
  5. Author(s) technical fluency
  6. Copyediting methods
  7. Availability of trained staff or vendor services
  8. Budget

We will start this session by sharing example projects that demonstrate what we have learned about building workflows and using Pressbooks, Scribe, LaTeX, MSWord, and Google Docs.

We will then spend significant structured time eliciting and crowdsourcing participant knowledge regarding workflows and tools relevant to open monographs, digital publishing, and open textbooks. We hope to create and share a crowdsourced manual and invite contributions from participants who have identified additional decision criteria and/or have built various tools into their workflows, including but not limited to Manifold, Editoria, PubPub, Overleaf, Quire, RBookdown, Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).

Because we are crowdsourcing input, this session is more appropriate for people who have been publishing and/or experimenting with different workflows.