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Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) members comprise a robust network of libraries committed to enhancing, promoting, and exploring this growing field. Our members include academic and research libraries and library consortia that have or are considering library publishing programs.

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LPC Committees & Task Forces

Committees & Task Forces

As a member-driven organization, much of the work of the Library Publishing Coalition is undertaken by members through standing committees and task forces. The LPC Board issues an annual call for volunteers in the spring, and any staff member from an LPC Member institution may volunteer to serve.

Directory Committee: The Directory Committee produces the annual Library Publishing Directory. The Directory documents the current range of library publishing activities around the world, connects library publishing professionals, and helps additional libraries to envision and develop publishing services.

Professional Development Committee: The Professional Development Committee assesses the professional development needs of LPC’s membership, and plans webinars and other professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Program Committee: The Program Committee creates the program for the annual Library Publishing Forum, and oversees and assists Educopia staff in planning the Forum.

Research Committee: The Research Committee develops the research agenda for the LPC and promotes and conducts research relevant to library publishing. It also awards the annual LPC Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing.

Best Practices in Library Publishing Award Committee: Beginning in 2020-21, the Best Practices in Library Publishing Award Committee will administer the new Best Practices in Library Publishing Award, an annual award promoting and recognizing best practices in library publishing.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (2019-2021)

Library Publishing Curriculum Editorial Board: The Curriculum Editorial Board identifies maintenance and development needs for the Curriculum, oversees (and occasionally performs) that work, and promotes the wide adoption and use of the Curriculum.

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Peer Mentorship Program

LPC’s Professional Development Committee organizes an annual peer mentorship program for the community. Any employee of an LPC member library or consortium can apply to participate.

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LPC Publishers & Service Providers

Service Providers List

To facilitate connections between library publishers and service providers, LPC maintains a Service Providers List. Non- and for-profit service providers that work with, or provide services of interest to, library publishers can apply to join the list using this inquiry form. The LPC Board is responsible for determining eligibility for the program. The list is updated annually, at which point participants must reaffirm their desire to be included. Inclusion in the list is free.

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We also invite service providers to participate in the Library Publishing Forum Sponsorship Program.

LPC Affiliates

Strategic Affiliates Program

To facilitate collaboration and open communication, the Library Publishing Coalition welcomes peer organizations as strategic affiliates. See our list of current affiliates.

Eligibility: To be eligible for affiliate status, an organization must be membership-based, must have a focal area in scholarly communications, and must have substantial engagement with libraries, publishers, or both. It must also provide an equivalent affiliate opportunity (formal or informal) within its organization for the LPC. On a case-by-case basis, the LPC Board may admit to the program other mission-aligned non-profit organizations that do not currently have a membership structure in place. We encourage interested organizations who do not meet the criteria for the Strategic Affiliates Program to look at our Publishers and Service Providers Program.

Benefits: One or more staff members (or elected leadership, in the case of organizations that do not have paid staff) of the affiliate organization may enroll in the LPC’s member email list and may attend webinars, roundtables, and other non-fee-based, member-only events.

Other engagement: We work with our strategic affiliates to identify other benefits and engagement opportunities on a case-by-case basis. These may take the form of collaborative projects (e.g. joint task forces or collaboratively developed professional development opportunities), negotiated one-off benefits for members (e.g. scholarship opportunities or discounted event registrations), negotiated ongoing benefits for members (e.g. membership fee waivers or discounts). Negotiated benefits and planned collaborations will be included in the strategic affiliate memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Fees: Strategic affiliates do not pay any fees or membership dues.

How to apply: Organizations interested in becoming strategic affiliates of the LPC should contact us. The LPC Board is responsible for determining eligibility for the program and approving new strategic affiliate relationships.

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LPC Fellowship

LPC Fellowship Program

The LPC Fellowship Program is designed to enable participation in the community by important voices who are not at member institutions, to broaden access to library publishing to underrepresented groups, and to mentor new library publishers. Fellows have access to all LPC membership benefits, including the member listserv, the documentation portal, roundtables, and other member-only events. They also receive travel support to attend the Library Publishing Forum, and benefit from structured opportunities to interact with the LPC community and leadership. As part of their fellowship, each fellow participates in a targeted service or research project. Keep up with the fellows on the LPC Blog via the Fellows Journal.

2019-2021 LPC Fellows: Talea Anderson (Washington State University) and AJ Boston (Murray State University)

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