Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) members comprise a robust network of libraries committed to enhancing, promoting, and exploring this growing field. Our members include academic and research libraries and library consortia that have or are considering library publishing programs.

Why Join LPC?

The LPC is a vibrant community that is strongly member-driven. Membership in LPC is an investment in your library’s publishing capacity, as well as an investment in the community itself and in the development of essential resources for all libraries.

Membership Benefits

Specific benefits of membership include the opportunity to:

  • Engage with an international community of practice
    Membership includes access to the LPC listserv, the opportunity to attend member-only events such as themed community calls, and special registration rates to the annual Library Publishing Forum. Members also have access to mentorship and opportunities to engage with communities of practice around specific tools and services.
  • Jump-start or enhance your library publishing initiatives
    Membership in LPC can be transformational for new or evolving publishing programs. Membership includes access to the LPC’s Shared Documentation Library, where members share everything from checklists for starting new journals to model MOUs. A webinar series brings members together with leading experts and creators of tools and services.
  • Connect with essential services
    LPC’s strong relationships with other organizations in the publishing space support our members in engaging with other communities and essential infrastructure. (As an example, see our partnership with the Directory of Open Access Journals.)
  • Lead change in scholarly communications and publishing
    Members have voting rights in the Coalition and can serve on committees and task forces that directly advance the field of library publishing.
  • Access a robust and responsive backbone infrastructure
    LPC is staffed by a collection of individuals with expertise in community facilitation, project management, administration, leadership, and strategic communications. As an affiliated community of the Educopia Institute, it also has access to a broader network of staff, peer communities, and research initiatives. Our team works to ensure that the investments made by our members are supported, impactful, and sustainable.


Academic and research libraries and library consortia that have or are considering library publishing programs are eligible for membership in the LPC. We welcome members from around the world; however, we comply with US regulations and sanctions and cannot admit libraries in nations where US trade sanctions apply.

If you are not eligible for membership but would like to engage with the LPC, we encourage you to check out our other programs, especially our Strategic Affiliates Program and the Library Publishing Forum Sponsorship Program.

Membership Dues

Membership in the Library Publishing Coalition is by institution per program year, which runs from July to June. Membership is not prorated, so we encourage you to join close to the beginning of the program year if possible, to get the most out of your annual dues. Dues are currently increasing by 5 percent each year. (To learn more about our current membership dues structure, read this blog post.)

  • 2023-2024 program year dues: 2,500 USD
  • 2024-2025 program year dues: 2,625 USD
  • 2025-2026 program year dues: 2,756 USD


How to Apply

Fill out the membership_application [MS Word] or email us with questions. English is LPC’s designated business language, and membership applications must be completed in English.