Directory Committee

The Directory Committee is charged with publishing the Library Publishing Directory, ensuring that both the print and online versions of the Directory are useful to the membership. The Directory Committee oversees the collection of data and authoring processes, including distributing the survey, analyzing the data provided by respondents, proofreading submissions, and preparing for print production. The goal of the Directory is to document the current range of library publishing activities (including costs, staffing, and how libraries are financing these ventures); articulate the unique value of library publishing activities; and inspire other libraries to envision and develop publishing services programs.

Current Members

2019-2021     Janet Swatscheno, University of Illinois at Chicago (2020-2021 chair)
2019-2021     Ellen Dubinsky, University of Arizona
2020-2022    Perry Collins, University of Florida
2020-2022   Ian Harmon, West Virginia University
2020-2022   Laura Miller, Florida State University
2020-2022   Karen Bjork, Portland State University (Board liaison)

Programs and Publications

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee leads LPC’s efforts to create an inclusive community by embedding the work of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and accessibility across the organization. In addition to its own set of programs (including conferring the annual Library Publishing Forum Award), the committee consults with LPC’s Board and the other committees and task forces to identify areas where inequity and systems of oppression are being reinforced and to create strategies to address them. The committee has a dual focus on improving the inclusivity of LPC itself and on creating resources for all library publishers to embed anti-racism, anti-oppression, and accessibility into their publishing practices.

Current Members

This is a new committee, beginning in 2021.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee bears primary responsibility for assessing professional development needs and planning and implementing professional development and training opportunities for LPC members throughout the year.

Current Members

2019-2021     Amanda Hurford, PALNI (2020-2021 chair)
2019-2021     Allison Brown, SUNY Geneseo
2019-2021     Melanie Kowalski, Emory University
2020-2022     Erin Jerome, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2020-2022     Chelsea Johnston, University of Florida
2020-2021     Liz Hamilton, Northwestern University
2020-2021     Emily Stenberg, Washington University in St. Louis
2020-2021     Sarah Hare, Indiana University (Board liaison)

Programs and Publications

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing the program at the Library Publishing Forum. The Committee guides decisions about and assists with the planning of the Forum.

Current Members

2019-2021     Justin Gonder, California Digital Library (2020-2021 chair)
2019-2021     Robin Bedenbaugh, University of Tennessee
2019-2021    Johanna Meetz, Ohio State University
2019-2021    Sonya Betz, University of Alberta
2020-2022     Jason Boczar, University of South Florida
2020-2022     Jane Buggle, Dublin Business School
2020-2022     Regina Raboin, UMass Medical Center
2020-2021     Lauren Collister, University of Pittsburgh
2020-2021    David Scherer, Carnegie Mellon University
2019-2021     A.J. Boston, Murray State University (LPC Fellow)
2020-2021     Christine Fruin, Atla (Board liaison)

Programs and Publications

Publishing Practice Award Committee

Beginning in 2020-21, the Publishing Practice Award Committee will administer the Publishing Practice Award, an annual award promoting and recognizing values-based practices in library publishing. Committee members will manage the call for applications, and the review and selection processes.

Current Members

2020-2022     Laureen Boutang, University of Minnesota (2020-2021 chair)
2020-2022     Clayton Hayes, Wayne State University
2020-2022    Suzanne Stapleton, University of Florida
2020-2021    Michelle Brailey, University of Alberta
2020-2021    Sam Byrd, Virginia Commonwealth University
2020-2021    Race MoChridhe, Atla
2020-2021     Emma Molls, University of Minnesota (Board liaison)

Programs and Publications

Research Committee

LPC’s Research Committee coordinates research priorities, facilitates inter-institutional collaboration on projects, and provides guidance for researchers affiliated with the LPC.

Current Members

2019-2021     Elizabeth Bedford, University of Washington (2020-2021 chair)
2019-2021     Jennifer Beamer, Claremont Colleges
2019-2021    Corinne Guimont, Virginia Tech
2019-2021    Matthew Hunter, Florida State University
2019-2021    Sarah Wipperman, Villanova University
2020-2022     Jonathan Grunert, SUNY Geneseo
2020-2022     Elizabeth Scarpelli, University of Cincinnati
2020-2022     Dan Tracy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2019-2021     Talea Anderson, Washington State University (LPC Fellow)
2020-2021     Vanessa Gabler, University of Pittsburgh (Board liaison)

Programs and Publications

Library Publishing Curriculum Editorial Board

The Library Publishing Curriculum Editorial Board identifies maintenance and development needs for the Curriculum, oversees (and occasionally performs) that work, and promotes the wide adoption and use of the Curriculum.

Current Members

Dr. Cheryl E. Ball, Wayne State University (Editor in Chief)
2020-2023 Harrison Inefuku, Iowa State University
2020-2023 Johanna Meetz, Ohio State University
2020-2023 Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University
2020-2023 Reggie Raju, University of Cape Town
2020-2023 Célia Regina de Oliveira Rosa, University of São Paulo
2020-2023 Chelcie Rowell, Tufts University
2020-2023 Kate Shuttleworth, Simon Fraser University
2020-2023 John Warren, George Washington University
2020-2023 Sarah Wipperman, Villanova University

Board Liaison: Ally Laird, Penn State University

Programs and Publications

Ethical Framework for Library Publishing Task Force

Beginning in 2021: The Library Publishing Coalition created An Ethical Framework for Library Publishing, v1.0 in 2017-2018. The events of the ensuing years have only increased the need for a resource like the Framework, and at the same time have raised library publishers’ and the Library Publishing Coalition’s awareness of the ethical imperatives inherent in our practice. This task force will evaluate v1.0 of the Framework to identify maintenance and development needs and address them, with the goal of producing an updated iteration of the Ethical Framework (v2.0). Task force members will likely be involved both in organizing colleagues and resources, strategizing an update, and drafting sections of the framework. Timeline is flexible, but target endpoint is late 2022.

Preservation Task Force

Beginning in 2021: This group will investigate the current state of preservation efforts in the field and make recommendations to the Board and other LPC committees of ways to strengthen practice in this area. The investigation will consist of two streams of work: one focused on the preservation practices and needs of library publishers, and one focused on preservation-related projects and services that may be of interest to the field. The first stream will build on the data already being collected for the Library Publishing Directory, providing opportunities for library publishers to share more in-depth information about the preservation of the content they publish. The second stream will involve dialogue with other organizations, a number of which are Strategic Affiliates of LPC (e.g. CLOCKSS, DOAJ, PKP, NASIG) or are connected with LPC through the Educopia Institute (e.g. MetaArchive Cooperative). This group is envisioned as a one-year task force, but its members may recommend a second year if they feel that additional work is needed.

Special Task Force on Membership

Beginning in 2021: This 1- to 2-year task force will complement the work of the Board and the DEI Committee in identifying libraries that would benefit from LPC’s resources and community support, but that are either unaware of them or unable to afford membership. The group will look at types of libraries, geographic regions, and individual institutions, with a focus on libraries serving marginalized populations. Task force members will begin outreach and relationship building, as well as providing recommendations to the Board and the DEI Committee on ways to better connect with and support these libraries. Membership will consist of former LPC Board members, and will be by invitation. This group is envisioned as a one-year task force, but its members may recommend a second year if they feel that additional work is needed. 

Previous Task Forces

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (2019-2021)

This task force will build on the work of the Program Committee’s Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee by exploring the creation of a standing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee for the Library Publishing Coalition. The terms “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” are subject to multiple interpretations, and the weight they carry requires special attention. In order that the work of any so-named committee is direct, actionable, and impactful, this task force will ensure that it is charged with a specific, considered vision to drive its work.


Cheryl Ball, Wayne State University (2020-2021)
Kevin Hawkins, University of North Texas (2020-2021)
Harrison Inefuku, Iowa State University (2019-2021)
Hanni Nabahe, University of Virginia (2019-2020)
Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University (2019-2021)
Angel Peterson, Penn State University (2020-2021)
Willa Tavernier, Indiana University (2019-2021)
Michelle Wilson, Columbia University (chair, 2019-2020)
Jody Bailey, Emory University (Board Liaison, 2019-2021)

Publication Award Task Force (2019-2020)

This task force will investigate the feasibility of implementing a member publication award program and report back to the board with recommendations.


Annie Johnson, Temple University (chair)
Sam Byrd, Virginia Commonwealth University
Clayton Hayes, Wayne State University
Emma Molls, University of Minnesota
Kate McCready, University of Minnesota (Board Liaison)

Library Publishing Directory Task Force (2018-19)

This task force will supplement the regular work of the Directory Committee (which is charged with producing the annual Library Publishing Directory) by evaluating the Directory data collection process and revisiting the Directory data model.


Jessica Kirschner, Texas Tech University (chair)
Robert Browder, Virginia Tech
Christine Fruin, ATLA
Chelsea Johnston, University of South Florida
Hanni Nabahe, University of Virginia
Willa Tavernier, Indiana University

Board liaison: Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University

Ethical Framework for Library Publishing Task Force (2017-18)

This task force will develop a framework for ethical practice in library publishing, including but not limited to the following topics: publishing practice, accessibility, and diversity and inclusion. The group will identify relevant resources and contextualize them for library publishers. When appropriate resources cannot be identified, the group will create them, or work with other LPC committees to do so. The task force will build in opportunities for input and feedback from the LPC membership as the framework is in development, to ensure that it represents the broad spectrum of activities and values in our community. (2018 publication: An Ethical Framework for Library Publishing, v1.0)


Jason Boczar, University of South Florida (chair)
Harrison W. Inefuku, Iowa State University
Monica Westin, California Digital Library
Rebel Cummings-Sauls, Kansas State University
Terri Fishel, Macalester College
Wendy Robertson, University of Iowa
Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University
Sarah Melton, Boston College
Jaclyn Sipovic, University of Michigan
Nina Collins, Purdue University
Camille Thomas, Texas Tech University
Valerie Horton, Minitex
Charlotte Roh, University of San Francisco (2017-18 LPC Fellow)

Board Liaison: Laurie Taylor, University of Florida (ex officio)

Directory of Open Access Journals Task Force (2017-2018)

This task force will evaluate the needs of the LPC community related to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), mentor LPC member institutions through the DOAJ application process, and recommend any necessary ongoing support. The group was developed in consultation with DOAJ, and will receive training from DOAJ staff. (2018 publication: DOAJ Application How-To Guide for Library Publishers)


Monica Westin, California Digital Library (chair)
Ian Caswell, University College London
Liza Hagerman, Purdue University
Emma Molls, University of Minnesota
David Scherer, Carnegie Mellon University
Janet Swatscheno, University of Illinois

Board Liaison: Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University (ex officio)

Web Content Strategy Task Force (2015-2016)

The Web Content Strategy Task Force was charged by the LPC Board to develop a strategy and prospective recommendations for improving the visibility, utility, and impact of the LPC’s online content. Such online content includes, but is not limited to: website, social media presence, LPC Directory, documentation portal, LPC-sponsored webinars, job board, and any reports/whitepapers created by the LPC.


Sarah Melton, Emory University
Catherine Mitchell, California Digital Library
Micah Vandegrift, Florida State University