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The LPC Professional Development Committee organizes an annual peer mentorship program for the community. In order to be eligible to participate in the Peer Mentorship Program, participants must belong to an LPC member institution (they do not need to be the voting representative). Anyone interested may apply to participate in the 2021 program. Applications are due by January 22, 2021.

Apply to Participate

Goals for 2021

  • Primary: To enrich participants’ experiences with the LPC and build relationships between peers.
  • Secondary: To further the development of library publishing through a professional, semi-structured mentorship program

2021 Timeline

  • Applications are due by January 22, 2021.
  • Peer mentors will be matched up by February 1, 2021.
  • Participants will receive instructions and orientation materials in early February.
  • Participants will receive monthly emails from the Professional Development Committee with suggested discussion prompts.
  • Participants can opt to participate in special mentorship calls hosted by the Professional Development Committee (topics and schedule TBD).
  • There will be a virtual meetup for all Mentorship Program participants at the 2021 Library Publishing Forum.
  • In the summer, there will be a mid-year check-in to assess the effectiveness of the peer-mentor relationship. Necessary changes to program participation can be made at that point
  • In December, there will be a final evaluation survey and the formal peer-mentor relationships will end.

Learn More

Download the program flyer or contact Professional Development Committee Members Amanda Hurford and Chelsea Johnston. See feedback from the 2020 Program in this blog post and feedback from the 2019 Program in this blog post.


History: The 2019 Pilot Program

In January of 2019, LPC’s Professional Development Committee launched a pilot mentorship program to foster connections between members and to support new library publishers in the LPC community. This pilot program matched up seven mentor/mentee pairs, who met regularly throughout the next year. The committee organized a meet-up for the participants at the Library Publishing Forum, and mid-year and end-of-year evaluation deemed it necessary to re-format the program from mentors/mentees into a peer mentorship program