Ways to use the curriculum

Self-paced online courses

Generously developed and hosted by the Public Knowledge Project, the curriculum exists as a set of four courses on the PKP School website under the title, “Getting Started in Library Publishing.” These courses take learners through the curriculum at their own pace, with text, videos, activities, discussion questions, and quizzes to guide them through the materials:

  1. Attracting, Selecting, and Disseminating Content for your Library Publishing Program
  2. Building and Measuring Impact for your Library Publishing Program
  3. Sustainability of your Library Publishing Program
  4. Policies for Library Publishing

Whether you are a student in a Library or Information Studies program, a library worker interested in starting a publishing program, or a staff member of an established library publishing unit, the Getting Started in Library Publishing course series provides detailed guidance on how academic libraries can succeed in providing publishing services to their campus communities.


Based on the original, modular curriculum (first published on Google Drive in 2018), we now provide a linear, PDF version of the library publishing curriculum that re-imagines how librarians, students, and LIS faculty might use the curriculum independently or in classroom settings. This textbook takes the original curriculum and adapts it for linear reading, taking users through the four modules–Content, Impact, Sustainability, and Policy–by repurposing the original narrative alongside images from the instructor-led slideshows and incorporating information from the appendices and bibliographies to supplement each module into a single chapter. Seeing the breadth of the curriculum represented in this 326-page book provides a hefty intellectual backdrop to support library publishing as a discipline. The LPC hopes others use and extend this CC-BY version into even more learning opportunities to help create a more equitable publishing ecosystem. The textbook is housed as part of the Curriculum archive on the Wayne State University Library’s repository. 

Teaching materials 

Interested in teaching the curriculum or adapting it into a different format? We encourage you to use the original teaching materials, which include a narrative, bibliography, instructor’s guide, and evaluation rubric for each unit, as well as supplementary materials. These materials now have a permanent home, generously hosted by Wayne State University Libraries via its repository. 

Coming soon

The Curriculum Editorial Board is hard at work on new tools and updates. Here are a couple of things on their near-term to-do list:

  • An introduction module
  • Internationalization of the curriculum
  • Updates to the Policy module

Editorial board

The curriculum is overseen by the Library Publishing Curriculum Editorial Board, which identifies maintenance and development needs for the curriculum, organizes (and occasionally performs) that work, and promotes the wide adoption and use of the curriculum. List of members

How the curriculum was developed

The curriculum was developed by the Educopia Institute and the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) as part of the IMLS-funded “Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library-Based Publishing” project. The curriculum was originally released in 2018 as a set of teaching materials organized into four modules: Content, Impact, Policy, and Sustainability.  The project team piloted more than a dozen workshops and courses based on the curriculum between 2017-2019. In 2019, the curriculum was adopted by LPC’s Board as one of the community’s official resources.