LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Friday, May 10, 4:00-5:00pm
Room: Joseph & Rosalie Segal Centre (1400-1430)

Presenters: Melanie Schlosser, Library Publishing Coalition; Nicky Agate, Columbia University; Dave Ghamandi, University of Virginia; Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria

Description: This plenary session will close the Forum with an exploration of the big challenges facing library publishers from a variety of perspectives. It will be structured as a panel discussion, with LPC Community Facilitator Melanie Schlosser moderating. The panelists will share and discuss—based on their own experience and what they have heard at the Forum—what they feel are the most pressing issues for library publishers. This session will be both a culmination of the Forum and a call to action for the coming year.