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Jesse P. Karlsberg, Senior Digital Scholarship Strategist
Phone: 404-727-5705
Email: jesse.p.karlsberg@emory.edu

Program Overview

Emory Libraries mission statement: https://libraries.emory.edu/about/organizational-framework Emory Center for Digital Scholarship mission statement: https://ecds.emory.edu/about/index.html
  • Publishing activities began: 1994
  • Stage of publishing efforts: 3 - Established
  • Open access focus: Central to mission
  • Portion of Open Access publications: All
  • Publishing Languages: English

Program Organization

  • Organization of publishing services: Services distributed across campus
  • Advisory/editorial board: No
  • Total staffing in Full Time Equivalents (FTE): 10
  • Individual people: 28
  • Students: Graduate student(s)
  • Funding sources: Grants; library operating budget; non-library campus budget

Publishing Activities

  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Databases
  • Datasets
  • Educational resources
  • Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)
  • Expansive digital publications
  • Grey literature
  • Journals
  • Monographs
  • Multimedia
  • Posters

Journal Publishing:
  • Journals published: 7
  • Campus-based faculty-created: 6
  • Campus-based student-created: 1
  • Peer-reviewed: 5


Top Publications:
  • Apollo 15 Learning Hub (expansive digital project)
  • Slave Voyages (expansive digital project)
  • Post45 (journal)
  • Samothrace Mariner (video learning game)
  • Southern Spaces (journal)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • Health sciences
  • History
  • Literary studies
  • Southern studies
  • Archaeology


  • Internal partners:  Campus departments or programs; individual faculty; graduate students; undergraduate students
  • Other publishing entities administered by your library: No
  • Other publishing entities within your library’s parent institution: Yes
  • Program’s openness to working with external partners: Consider external partners but only if in our disciplinary specialty
  • Types of publications should other publishers refer to your program: Publications where Emory faculty, students, or staff are involved. Publications or projects where the topical focus aligns with our program’s disciplinary specialties.
  • Part of a consortium which provides support for publishing? (e.g. platform, funding): No

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • audio
  • data
  • images
  • modeling
  • multimedia
  • text
  • video
  • visualizations
Software & Platforms:
  • Dataverse
  • Fedora
  • Hyrax)
  • locally developed software
  • Manifold
  • Omeka
  • Samvera (including Hyku
  • WordPress

Additional Services:
  • author advisory - other
  • author advisory - copyright
  • Indexing services (e.g. assistance with journal application for DOAJ)
  • analytics
  • audio/video streaming
  • cataloging
  • compiling indexes and/or TOCs
  • contract/license preparation
  • copyediting
  • data visualization
  • dataset management
  • digitization
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • graphic design (print or web)
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • image services
  • metadata
  • outreach
  • peer review management
  • training
  • typesetting
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon S3
  • HathiTrust


Additional Information

Future Plans:
In 2020, we launched Emory Digital Collections, our feature-rich digital repository platform using the open source Samvera framework. We are planning the ingest of our existing institutional repository for faculty scholarship, OpenEmory, as well as our ETD repository, Emory Theses and Dissertations, into the larger Emory Digital Collections platform, which will also continue to ingest digital collections from Emory’s Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, among others. The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship is actively seeking partnerships with other institutions and individuals interested in using Readux, a platform for publishing thematic research collections and scholarly editions of digitized books, and OpenTourBuilder, a tool for creating mobile walking, biking, and driving tours, for their own publishing initiatives.