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TIB Open Publishing


Xenia van Edig, Open Access publication platform manager
Phone: +49511762-14693
Email: xenia.van.edig@tib.eu

Program Overview

TIB Open Publishing provides publishing support to open access journals and conference publications. Thereby openness is our core value. Scholars deserve a persistent but innovative non-commercial home for their publications. This is what we provide.
  • Publishing activities began: 2021
  • Stage of publishing efforts: 2 - Early
  • Open access focus: Central to mission
  • Portion of Open Access publications: All
  • Publishing Languages: English, German

Program Organization

  • Organization of publishing services: Centralized library publishing unit/department
  • Advisory/editorial board: No
  • Total staffing in Full Time Equivalents (FTE): 2
  • Individual people: 2
  • Funding sources: Library operating budget

Publishing Activities

  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Journals


Top Publications:
  • Business Information Systems 2021 (conference proceedings)
  • TH Wildau Engineering and Natural Sciences Proceedings (conference proceedings)
  • SUMO Conference Proceedings (conference proceedings)
  • Open Conference Proceedings (conference proceedings)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer science


  • Internal partners:  Campus departments or programs
  • Other publishing entities administered by your library: No
  • Other publishing entities within your library’s parent institution: Yes
  • Program’s openness to working with external partners: Open to working with any external partner
  • Types of publications should other publishers refer to your program: peer-reviewed journals; peer-reviewed conference publications
  • Part of a consortium which provides support for publishing? (e.g. platform, funding): Yes

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • text
Software & Platforms:
  • OJS

Additional Services:
  • author advisory - other
  • author advisory - copyright
  • DOI distribution
  • applying for Cataloging in Publication Data
  • audio/video streaming
  • cataloging
  • contract/license preparation
  • digitization
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • ISBN registry
  • ISSN registry
  • metadata
  • training
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • Rosetta

Additional Information

Last Year:
TIB itself is involved in providing funding for openaccess publications and currently runs a project to set up consortia funding for diamond OA journals and book series (https://projects.tib.eu/koala/en/). Future links to TIB Open Publishing are probable.
Future Plans:
Our library (TIB) is a Major Development Partner of PKP. Together we will work on enhancing OJS for conference publications.
Other Information:
TIB provides the opportunity of DOI linking to related materials (e.g conference presentation videos) hosted in repositories.