Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies (USUST)

Scientific Library

Academic Library · Ukraine

Department of Library and Information Technology

Tetiana Kolesnykova, Director Library

Program Overview

The library publishing activities promote appreciation of university science, development of researchers’ opportunities for broad academic and public exchange of discoveries and ideas, preservation and accessibility of research results and unique historical documents of USUST. The library publishing activities focus their efforts on maximizing the impact of DNURT publications within the international scientific and public sphere and facilitating the free exchange of knowledge.
  • Publishing activities began: 2012
  • Stage of publishing efforts: 3 - Established
  • Open access focus: Central to mission
  • Portion of Open Access publications: All
  • Publishing Languages: Ukrainian, English

Program Organization

  • Organization of publishing services: Services distributed across library units/departments
  • Advisory/editorial board: Yes
  • Total staffing in Full Time Equivalents (FTE): 2
  • Individual people: 4
  • Funding sources: Library operating budget, Author fees

Publishing Activities

  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Educational resources
  • Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)
  • Journals
  • Multimedia
  • Posters

Journal Publishing:
  • Journals published: 3
  • Campus-based faculty-created: 3
  • Peer-reviewed: 3
  • Required fee to enable Open Access: 2


Top Publications:
  • Science and Transport Progress (journal)
  • Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research (journal)
  • University Library at a New Stage of Social Communications Development. Conference Proceedings (journal)
  • Hydraulic Transmission of Locomotives (open textbook)
  • Istoriia staroho Katerynoslava ta hubernii u svitlynakh (Popular edition; e-book)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • Engineering sciences
  • Operation and repair of transport means
  • Ecology and industrial safety
  • Library and information science
  • Philosophy


  • Internal partners:  Campus departments or programs, Individual faculty
  • Other publishing entities administered by your library: No
  • Other publishing entities within your library’s parent institution: Yes
    obtaining an ISBN advising on university-wide publishing policy
  • Program’s openness to working with external partners: Only work with internal partners
  • Types of publications should other publishers refer to your program: article, conference paper and open textbook
  • Part of a consortium which provides support for publishing? (e.g. platform, funding): No

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • images
  • multimedia
  • text
  • video
Software & Platforms:
  • DSpace
  • OCS
  • OJS
  • OMP

Additional Services:
  • author advisory - other
  • author advisory - copyright
  • Indexing services (e.g. assistance with journal application for DOAJ)
  • DOI distribution
  • analytics
  • applying for Cataloging in Publication Data
  • audio/video streaming
  • cataloging
  • compiling indexes and/or TOCs
  • contract/license preparation
  • copyediting
  • data visualization
  • digitization
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • ISSN registry
  • marketing
  • metadata
  • open URL support
  • outreach
  • training
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • PKP
  • In-house


Adopted Policies:
Creative Commons, Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE), DOAJ

Additional Information

Last Year:
In 2022, the Library began working on open textbooks together with the authors-teachers. Russia's military attack on Ukraine with the intention of destroying the Ukrainian people as a nation, seizing its territory, destroying its history, culture, and education has intensified the publication of open textbooks. During the military year of 2022, 4 open textbooks in Ukrainian were published.
Future Plans:
The library will continue to expand its focus on open textbooks in Ukrainian
Other Information:
According to a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in 2021, the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies ("USUST") was established by reorganizing and merging the Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan (DNURT) and the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. Thus, the USUST Scientific Library is the legal entity of the DNURT Library, which has been listed in the Library Publishing Directory since 2018.