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Peter Potter, Publishing Director

Program Overview

We are Virginia Tech’s digital-first, open access publisher. Based in the University Libraries, Virginia Tech Publishing (VTP) is committed to increasing the visibility, reach, and impact of research produced at the university. We publish scholarly and educational materials in multiple formats for wide dissemination and permanent preservation. In addition to full-service publishing, we offer a variety of specialized services to support the publishing needs of the Virginia Tech community.
  • Publishing activities began: 1994
  • Stage of publishing efforts: 3 - Established
    Virginia Tech has been publishing online since 1994. In 2017 we created the Virginia Tech Publishing imprint to better serve the needs of the university.
  • Open access focus: Central to mission
  • Portion of Open Access publications: All
  • Publishing Languages: English

Program Organization

  • Organization of publishing services: Centralized library publishing unit/department
  • Advisory/editorial board: Yes
  • Total staffing in Full Time Equivalents (FTE): 4
  • Individual people: 4
  • Students: Graduate student(s), Undergraduate student(s)
  • Funding sources: Library operating budget

Publishing Activities

  • Databases
  • Educational resources
  • Expansive digital publications
  • Grey literature
  • Journals
  • Monographs
  • Multimedia

Journal Publishing:
  • Journals published: 11
  • Campus-based faculty-created: 2
  • Campus-based student-created: 4
  • Contracted by external groups: 5
  • Peer-reviewed: 11
  • Required fee to enable Open Access: 1
  • Currently inactive or archived: 39
Monograph/Book Publishing:
  • Monographs published: 3
  • Peer-reviewed: 1
Open Educational Resources Publishing:
  • Open Educational Resources: 10
  • Peer-reviewed Open Educational Resources: 8


Top Publications:
  • Fundamentals of Business (OER)
  • Introduction to Biosystems Engineering (OER)
  • Community Policing in Nigeria (book)
  • Studies in Engineering Education (journal)
  • Peoples & Things (podcast)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • Engineering/Technology Education
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities


  • Internal partners:  Campus departments or programs, Individual faculty, Graduate students, Undergraduate students
  • Other publishing entities administered by your library: No
  • Other publishing entities within your library’s parent institution: Yes
    We share office space in the Library with Noemi Press, a campus-based poetry publisher.
  • Program’s openness to working with external partners: Consider external partners if there is a tie to my institution (e.g., local editor of a journal for an external scholarly society)
  • Types of publications should other publishers refer to your program: Journals, Open Textbooks, Born-Digital Projects, Podcasts
  • Part of a consortium which provides support for publishing? (e.g. platform, funding): No

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • audio
  • multimedia
  • text
  • video
Software & Platforms:
  • DSpace
  • OJS
  • Omeka
  • Pressbooks
  • Scalar
  • Ubiquity platforms
  • WordPress

Additional Services:
  • author advisory - other
  • author advisory - copyright
  • Developmental and/or substantive editing
  • audio/video streaming
  • copyediting
  • data visualization
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • graphic design (print or web)
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • ISBN registry
  • marketing
  • peer review management
  • print-on-demand
  • training
  • typesetting
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • Amazon S3
  • AP Trust
  • MetaArchive


Other Policies:
Acceptable use of It policy

Adopted Policies:

Additional Information

Last Year:
Increased emphasis on multi-media publications