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PUBLISSO – ZB MED Publication Portal for Life Sciences


Ursula Arning, Head of PUBLISSO
Phone: +49 (0)221 478-5603
Email: arning@zbmed.de

Program Overview

The ZB MED publication portal PUBLISSO offers a range of open access publishing platforms for scientists and researchers working in the field of life sciences, enabling them to publish their research findings and data in different types of publications.
  • Publishing activities began: 2003
  • Stage of publishing efforts: 3 - Established
  • Open access focus: Central to mission
  • Portion of Open Access publications: All
  • Publishing Languages: English, German

Program Organization

  • Organization of publishing services: Centralized library publishing unit/department
  • Advisory/editorial board: Yes
  • Total staffing in Full Time Equivalents (FTE): 11.45
  • Individual people: 18
  • Students: Undergraduate student(s)
  • Funding sources: Grants, Library operating budget, Sales revenue, Author fees

Publishing Activities

  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Databases
  • Educational resources
  • Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)
  • Grey literature
  • Journals

Journal Publishing:
  • Journals published: 17
  • Contracted by external groups: 17
  • Peer-reviewed: 17
  • Required fee to enable Open Access: 5
  • Currently inactive or archived: 7


Top Publications:
  • Basics in clinical neurophysiology: Nerve conduction studies and needle electromyography in nerve entrapment syndromes (Living Textbook of Hand Surgery)
  • List of MAK and BAT Values 2022 (The MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Itching and burning symptoms in the female urogenital tract (Urogenital Infections and Inflammations)
  • Virucidal gargling and virucidal nasal spray (GMS Hygiene and Infection Control)
  • Das Erlernen von sozialen Normen und Rollen (Online Lehrbuch der Medizinischen Psychologie und Medizinischen Soziologie)
Disciplinary Specialties:
  • medicine
  • health
  • nutrition
  • agricultural sciences
  • gender studies


  • Internal partners:  Campus departments or programs
  • Other publishing entities administered by your library: No
  • Other publishing entities within your library’s parent institution: No
  • Program’s openness to working with external partners: Open to working with any external partner
  • Types of publications should other publishers refer to your program: We are offering all kinds of life sciences publications based on the Content Mangement Software Drupal. This includes 17 Journals, 5 Living Handbooks with versioning and a Series: In the MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety, a yearly comprehensive overview of all analyzed substances as well as quaterly journal articles are published. Moreover, with the project "OAPEnz – Open Access Publications of Encyclopedic Handbooks", we are now also publishing Political Science or, more concretely, Gender Studies publications.If you are interested in publishing a handbook you want to regularly update, a journal or add a series, please contact us.
  • Part of a consortium which provides support for publishing? (e.g. platform, funding): No

Technologies & Services

Media Formats:
  • data
  • images
  • text
  • video
Software & Platforms:
  • Fedora
  • locally developed software

Additional Services:
  • author advisory - other
  • author advisory - copyright
  • DOI distribution
  • budget preparation
  • business model development
  • cataloging
  • contract/license preparation
  • copyediting
  • dataset management
  • DOI assignment/allocation of identifiers
  • hosting of supplemental content
  • image services
  • ISBN registry
  • ISSN registry
  • peer review management
  • training
Digital Preservation Strategy:
  • Rosetta


Other Policies:
Human and animal rights policy

Additional Information

Last Year:
Currently, we are expanding our Publication Platform in two ways: Firstly, we are including not only Life Science, but Political Science publications with the project "OAPEnz – Open Access Publications of Encyclopedic Handbooks". Moreover, it will be possible to publish Living Encyclopedias which can be updated regularly. Secondly, we are have started developing an inline commenting and discussion feature with the German National Academy of Sciences. Readers will be able to comment and engage with authors and other readers. At the same time, authors will be able to reference these comments in updated versions of their publications, underlining transparency and collective exchange in the process.