LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Friday, May 10, 11:15am-12:15pm
Room: RBC Dominion Securities Executive Meeting Room (2200)

Presenters: Maria Bonn, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign; Josh Bolick, University of Kansas; Will Cross, North Carolina State University

Description: What do scholarly communication librarians need to know about publishing? Do you need a JD to lead a library copyright program or to write a good publishing contract? How do we prepare research data for publication? Scholarly communication is a core academic librarian competency but there is currently no unified educational resource available for training and continuing education that represents the great diversity of experience and perspectives at place in effective support for scholarly communication.

This round table discussion asks librarians, publishers, and those who are both to weigh in on a community conversation about what scholarly communication is and what training a librarian should have to do the job. We’ll prime the discussion with findings from our IMLS-funded (LG-72-17-0132-17), study on this interdisciplinary and quickly evolving field. Then we’ll dig into these questions, with an eye to incorporating your ideas into an open educational resource (OER) for teaching library students and professionals about scholarly communication. Join the conversation and help us prepare the next wave of publishing librarians!