LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Thursday, May 9, 1:15-2:15pm
Room: Canfor Policy Room (1600)

Presenters: Kate McCready, University of Minnesota Libraries/2018-19 LPC Board President; Reggie Raju, University of Cape Town, 2017-19 LPC Fellow; Charlotte Roh, University of San Francisco, 2017-19 LPC Fellow

Description: Since July of 2017, Library Publishing Coalition Fellows Reggie Raju and Charlotte Roh have been participating in the LPC community, making important service contributions to task forces and bringing critical issues to the community’s attention on the LPC blog at https://librarypublishing.org/category/blog/fellows-journal/. As they move towards the end of their two year-long fellowships, their work will culminate with this hour-long session at the Library Publishing Forum. They will each give a 15-minute presentation on aspects of library publishing that have become priorities for them. Reggie will explore ‘Library publishing as an agent for inclusion’ to provoke broader thinking and commitment among our LPC colleagues. Charlotte will be discussing the work of Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC), founded by 10 trade and professional associations that represent organizations and individuals working in scholarly communications. The Coalition was formed to discuss and address issues of diversity and inclusion within our industry. The latter part of the session will engage all attendees in a discussion of these topics, moderated by LPC Board President Kate McCready.

Would you like a chance to hear from Reggie and Charlotte about their fellowship experiences over the past year? Are you interested in further exploration of the topics they have raised on the blog? Do you want to get our fellows’ perspectives on a topic that’s important to you? Don’t miss what is sure to be a thought-provoking session!