LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Friday, May 10, 1:15-2:15pm
Room: Canfor Policy Room (1600)

Presenters: James MacGregor: Public Knowledge Project; Davin Baragiotta, Érudit; Fabio Batalha, Érudit; Élise Bergeron, Érudit

Description: PKP and Érudit are in the middle of a nationally funded project called Coalition Publi.ca, which involves, in part, the aggregation of scholarly content across a distributed ecosystem into one common platform for the development of a Canadian data research corpus, and also for further discovery and dissemination. This project would be impossible without our ability to rely on pre-existing and emerging standards in content metadata (JATS); data markup, packaging and transfer (JATS, DAR, web OAI-PMH); usage metrics representation and dissemination (COUNTER, SUSHI); and more.

PKP and Érudit have been working in this space together for well over ten years, and have seen the evolution of these standards first-hand. We will discuss the standards we have evaluated, and how this evaluation has provided us with our current production toolset. As part of this discussion we will focus on metadata, full-text XML, and usage metrics standards in particular. We will touch on the history of these standards, and provide some insight into the challenges that we have faced, over a ten-year timespan, in adapting to change (either our own, or external). We will then open up discussion into a more involved conversation with the attendees, and welcome the opportunity to discuss, in detail, any particular standard or component that might be of interest, in particular for other institutions who are interested in or are proceeding with similar projects.