LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Thursday, May 9, 4:00-5:00pm
Room: RBC Dominion Securities Executive Meeting Room (2200)

Presenters: Laureen Boutang, University of Minnesota; Sonya Betz, University of Alberta; Kate McCready, University of Minnesota

Description: Library publishing program work is filled with projects needing to be managed! So, how can library publishing be approached with a project management lens? From appropriately scoping project development to assigning team member roles and responsibilities, library publishing professionals require strategies and tools to manage our publishing services and projects. Effective project management techniques along with lightweight project management support tools can help to develop standardized processes, breakdown work into more defined tasks, assign roles and responsibilities, and assist us in establishing clear communication channels with authors and editorial teams.

Beginning with an introduction to project management practices for library publishing work, the speakers will engage attendees in an interactive discussion of the common challenges, hurdles, and creative solutions for managing their programs and projects. Basic project management techniques and structures that support successful library publishing projects will be introduced, including scope documents, RASCI charts, stakeholder analyses, project plans, and communication plans. Project management frameworks to manage tasks and track projects will be explored.

Specific tools that have been used successfully to manage elements of library publishing work will then be discussed. What tools best facilitate communication amongst the team about development issues, back-file migration work and overall project workflow? What container provides access to the structured project documentation? What are the critical tools for managing different kinds of projects? How are tools like Hypothesis, AirTable, and Trello useful for managing a publication through its development cycle? This session will provide space for discussion of project management tools and techniques used by members of the community to support their work.