LPForum 2019 Vancouver

Friday, May 10, 1:15-2:15pm
Room: RBC Dominion Securities Executive Meeting Room (2200)

Presenters: Anita Walz, Virginia Tech; Corinne Guimont, Virginia Tech

Description: Quality, currency, and lack of supplementary learning materials rank highly as barriers to open educational resource (OER) adoption. This session will encourage participants to consider issues, solutions, and emerging best practices in OER production in the context of shared (but sometimes conflicting) contributions from open source and traditional publishing philosophies. Emerging best practices for assuring OER (original and adapted) quality and communicating quality measures are discussed as a way to more accurately present OER to potential adopters.

This interactive conversation draws on our past and current experiences of producing and stewarding open textbooks and other OER. Participants are invited to reflect and respond to a series of informational prompts on issues and emerging best practices in creating, supporting, and adapting OER. Informational prompts for discussion include: contributions and conflicts between traditional publishing and open source philosophies; impacts of adaptability on production, version control, public access, and OER stewardship; emerging best practices in OER production; and publication practices which improve the experience and understanding of potential OER adopters. We will share insights from our own practices and eagerly look forward to participant contributions.