Day/Time: Thursday, May 26,  10:15am – 11:15am


  • Ally Laird, Penn State University
  • Melanie Schlosser, Community Facilitator, LPC (Educopia)


Members of the Library Publishing Coalition, the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) will be hosting and planning a series of sessions both within and across communities over the first half of 2022, culminating in a small convening of representatives from the three groups on the topic of “University-based Publishing Infrastructure” in July 2022. This convening is meant to highlight the values and goals around shared and open infrastructure, advancing equity in scholarly communication, increasing efficiencies in services, and sustainability in university-based publishing. To prepare for this small convening, each community will host a community discussion and then a series of three small focus groups which will pull representatives from each group to participate in facilitated discussions. The goals of the convening are to identify the goals/values/needs to advocate on behalf of university-based publishing and to establish a shared definition of university-based publishing between the LPC, AUPresses, and ARL.

This session, hosted by the LPC Board, would pull together the community in a discussion around the outcomes of these community meetings and focus groups. Attendees will be invited to provide input on discussion questions addressing the importance of library publishing, the values that underpin library publishing, and how University Presses and library publishers are similar, among other questions. They will also be asked to provide feedback on materials pulled together from the previous community meetings and focus groups. The final list of questions and materials will be available closer to the Forum date, after these events have taken place.