Day/Time: Wednesday, May 25,  11:45am – 12:45pm


  • Allison Levy, Digital Scholarship Editor, Brown University
  • Sarah McKee, Senior Associate Director for Publishing, Emory University


In April 2021 Brown University and Emory University hosted a virtual summit focused on university-based approaches to developing enhanced or interactive digital monographs for publication by a university press. The summit convened grantees in the Digital Monograph cohort supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and included institutional support staff (e.g., digital scholarship editors, digital humanities and scholarly communications librarians) and representatives from presses who are publishing these works, as well as some of the scholar-authors who have intentionally chosen the digital environment to advance and present their arguments.

The summit attendees examined a selection of eight diverse digital monograph publications, either recently released or in development, to think through some of the most pressing questions facing stakeholders in digital scholarly publishing today: How have we adapted, transformed, or disrupted the familiar publishing process? What can we learn from the publishing models that have emerged to date? What challenges are we facing today, and what might the next few years look like? How can we encourage a shared vocabulary for these digital publications within the wider scholarly communications landscape?

The proposed session will present the preliminary outcomes of the summit discussions, to be reported by a white paper in late 2022, on topics ranging from cross-institutional collaborations, professional development, community engagement and the co-production of knowledge, and diversity, equity, and inclusion to open access, funding models, peer review, metadata and discoverability, preservation, and sustainability. We’ll open the floor to discussion, inviting attendees to share their own experiences or raise new questions that we should consider addressing in the report. The LPF session would provide the first post-summit opportunity for dialogue and reflection on the current and future landscape of digital publishing as well as the growing alignment between research libraries and scholarly presses.