Day/Time: Thursday, May 26,  11:30am – 12:30pm


  • Laurie Taylor, University of Florida
  • Perry Collins, University of Florida
  • Chelsea Johnston, University of Florida
  • Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, University of Florida


The LibraryPress@UF started in 2016. Since then, we have been working to mature our program and publish. In 2021, we are set to release a dozen publications (books in print and online, textbooks, and digital scholarship),i in addition to our 20 continuously publishing journals. We follow feminist situated perspective and grounded theory, working to mature program supports through evidence-based and experience-based practices to develop right-sized program operations that best support us and our readers, users, and authors/editors/creators. In following this approach, we often release program supports at the point of need. In this presentation, we will share stories on those points of need and the results, which include:

  • An updated selection criteria, to explicitly prioritize works that promote inclusion and justice by highlighting overlooked or marginalized experiences and perspectives
  • A name change policy, implemented for our publications and for theses and dissertations at UF
  • Our first content advisory, and how we came to publish a book (even as digital-only) that required one
  • Our books this year, and what each has taught us about publishing, including African American Studies: 50 Years at the University of Florida and Delivering Cuba through the Mail: Cuba’s Presence in Non-Cuban Postage Stamps and Envelopes

In sharing our stories as mini-cases of our collective stories of library publishing, we seek to enable more rapid and easier maturation for others. We also seek to inspire with stories specifically from African American Studies: 50 Years at the University of Florida.