Day/Time: Thursday, May 26,  4:00pm – 5:00pm


  • Katherine Skinner, NGLP
  • Dave Pcolar, NGLP
  • Kate Herman, NGLP


Now in its third year, The Next Generation Library Publishing (NGLP) project has completed the first phase of development of its two open source components and has implemented those components in a series of pilots and projects that demonstrate the modularity and interoperability of NGLP’s approach to addressing gaps in current open source infrastructure for library publishing.

As NGLP shifts to piloting new service models via our project partners (California Digital Library, Janeway, and Longleaf Services), we return to why we chose to build modular, content-agnostic components to address community-identified gaps in the library publishing ecosystem. NGLP Product Manager, Dave Pcolar, will discuss the guiding principles of the development phase: building for flexibility and scalability with a diverse set of publishing needs in mind. NGLP co-principal investigator Katherine Skinner will then report on the ongoing work of developing a business framework to support this and similar projects that seek to build service layers on top of widely-adopted and trusted open-source platforms like OJS, Janeway, and DSpace, and explore how values-aligned service providers might better support the underlying technologies that provide the backbone for their service provision. In folding these two conversations together, this presentation will highlight not only what NGLP has accomplished in the past two years, but what it was built for: securing more robust, sustainable, and values-driven infrastructure for library publishers.