Wednesday, May 23, 1:15-2:15pm
Room: Ski-U-Mah Room

Presenters: Roger Gillis, Dalhousie University/Public Knowledge Project; Andrea Pritt, Pennsylvania State University/Public Knowledge Project; Andrea Kosavic, York University Libraries; Sonya Betz, University of Alberta; Jeannette Hatherill, University of Ottawa

Description: For journals operating independently from large commercial infrastructure, success is very much determined by the reach and impact of the content they create. As library publishers, with limited resources at our disposal, we must find ways to effectively expose our locally published articles to automated discovery tools, as well as ensure that they are widely disseminated in the places researchers, and the public, will look for them. In 2006, the Public Knowledge Project authored a guide called Getting Found / Staying Found to help users of its popular Open Journal Systems software understand some of these issues. Now, with a recent major revision, Getting Found / Staying Found is even more relevant to editorial teams beyond the original intended audience and it can help journals using any publishing platform navigate many of the topics that make up the evolving and changing landscape of online scholarly publishing.

Join us for a panel discussion by community contributors to the second edition of Getting Found / Staying Found as they explore some of the issues of discovery addressed by the guide and how they, as librarians involved in publishing at different libraries, have tackled implementation of specific strategies, such as applying for inclusion with the Directory of Open Access Journals, negotiating representation in commercial indexes, promotion via social media, search engine optimization, digital preservation considerations, copyright and licensing, and more.