Tuesday, May 22, 2:30-3:30pm
Room: Ski-U-Mah Room

Presenters: Elizabeth Scarpelli, Director, University of Cincinnati Press; Jason Colman, Director, Michigan Publishing Services, University of Michigan Library; John W. Warren, Director, George Mason University Press/Mason Publishing

Description: This session centers on how to develop strategic goals and priorities with impact in mind, and how to identify and implement impact measures and assessments that are appropriate to your organization. We’ll learn how to align the goals of your library publishing organization or university press to your university’s strategic goals. We’ll examine strategies for increasing diversity and inclusion that are likewise aligned with library and university initiatives. We’ll demonstrate how impact can be extended through strategic thinking, the use of analytical tools, and creative methods. This session distills many of the lessons provided in the Library Publishing Curriculum module on Impact and is informed by a wide spectrum of library-based publishing programs. As library publishers, we seek to increase and measure the impact of our publishing programs not only to demonstrate the value our programs add to the library, the university, and the wider community, but to ensure that our portfolios and publications are meaningful and contribute to the advancement of scholarship.

Attendees will learn to:
• Strategically develop and evaluate goals and priorities for a library publishing program designed to increase impact, aligned with the strategic priorities of the university and university library, that are measurable and actionable
• Build inclusive engagement strategies that foster diversity in both authors and audiences
• Identify the range of available impact measures, recognize the merits and weaknesses of each, and selectively apply relevant measures to evaluate a specific publishing program, platform, or individual publication