Tuesday, May 22, 4:00-5:00pm
Room: Heritage Gallery

Presenters: Stacy Konkiel, Altmetric; Kevin Hawkins, University of North Texas; Sarah McKee, Emory University

Description: Project Meerkat, TOME (previously OAMPI), and Altmetric share a goal of tracking the impacts of monographs. Understanding the online influence of research has clear implications for engagement; for author, reviewer, and editor recruitment; and for monograph reach and sales. In a panel format, the participants will discuss approaches to tracking monographs’ influence in ways that benefit library and press publishing programs and their authors.

Project Meerkat seeks to gather a diverse community of stakeholders to jointly develop governance, sustainability, and ethical frameworks for how usage data is gathered, analyzed, and shared, building upon the NISO Privacy Principles and taking scholarly monographs as a starting point. It envisions as Publishing Analytics Data Alliance that will provide its member organizations with a shared code of practice and joint governance of usage data.

TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem) is a joint initiative through which institutions commit to making grants available for faculty to publish open access monographs. 13 institutions have each pledged to make three grants of around $15,000 available for five years. An Impact Advisory Working Group has been established to evaluate the success of the project with a particular focus on tracking usage and engagement with the monographs supported by the initiative.

Altmetric is a data science company that tracks the online attention surrounding many research formats, including monographs. We will discuss trends in attention data for the 2 million monographs and book chapters we currently track. We will also share challenges we have faced in accurately and comprehensively tracking attention relevant to presses and their authors (e.g. mentions of books in syllabi).