Wednesday, May 23, 11:15am-12:15pm
Room: Heritage Gallery

Presenters: Annie Johnson, Temple University; Emily Gattozzi, Bowling Green State University; Nina Collins, Purdue University

Description: Library publishing looks different depending on the institution. Some libraries have robust publishing programs with multiple staff. Others have only one staff member, who often handles publishing services in addition to other responsibilities such as managing the institutional repository or leading the library’s scholarly communication efforts. As publishing services mature, libraries need to think thoughtfully and critically about who is responsible these services and how they are valuing this labor. In this interactive discussion, we will ask the question: how does staffing and the nature of staff positions dictate library publishing services? Presenters will offer examples from their own institutions and then open it up to the audience. Presenters will also monitor and engage with the Forum Twitter feed in order to ensure that individuals interested in this topic who can’t attend will still be able to participate.