Wednesday, May 23, 2:30-3:30pm
Room: Memorial Hall

Presenters: David Hansen and Paolo Mangiafico, Duke University Libraries; Liz Milewicz, Duke University

Description: Addressing the theme of libraries tackling new challenges, this workshop session explores how research libraries can support expansive digital humanities publishing projects—projects that are interactive and dynamic in their content as they span and often grow over time across multiple content types, audiences, and contributors. Recognizing that the digital humanities are often not static, and change and grow as the scholarship and its community expands, what role can libraries and the institutions that back them play in planning, growing and sustaining these publications? How can institutions adequately evaluate and reward this type of scholarship, particularly when the audiences and collaborators for these publications extend beyond the academic community?

Workshop leaders will briefly present preliminary ideas to start the discussion, based on a separate meeting of library publishing leaders held in April 2018 at Duke University under a new Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to address library services in support of expansive digital publishing. This workshop will focus on five areas of support: 1) planning, 2) resource allocation and production; 3) discovery; 4) evaluation; and 5) preservation and sustainability. Participants will be asked actively contribute in a roundtable discussion structured around each of these ideas, with the goal of helping form a collective understanding of what works and what doesn’t in establishing ongoing institutional support for expansive digital projects. Results from this workshop will be incorporated into a comprehensive report, to be released in summer 2018, that will offer a framework for research libraries to develop sustainable services within their institutional context in support of expansive digital publishing.