Date: May 26, 2017, 12:00-12:45 EDT Topic: Across the Great Divide: Library/Press Collaborations Moderated by: Sarah Shreeves (University of Miami) Guests: Peter Berkery and Brenna McLaughlin (AAUP), Mary Rose Muccie (Temple University Press), Monica McCormick (NYU Libraries and Press)

Library/press collaboration is a perennial topic of interest for the LPC community, and the publication last December of the white paper, “Across the Great Divide: Findings and Possibilities for Action from the 2016 Summit Meeting of Academic Libraries and University Presses with Administrative Relationships (P2L),” was a milestone for this ongoing conversation. Join white paper co-authors Peter Berkery and Mary Rose Muccie, P2L Summit Program Committee members Brenna McLaughlin and Monica McCormick, and LPC member co-moderator Sarah Shreeves for a discussion about the outcomes of the summit and the¬†implications for the LPC community.