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The Library Publishing Coalition Blog is used to share news and updates about the LPC and the Library Publishing Forum, to draw attention to items of interest to the community, and to publish informal commentaries by LPC members and friends.

LPC’s Strategic Affiliates Program connects our community with peer membership communities working in libraries, publishing, and scholarly communications. LPC’s leadership has regular touch base calls with each of our affiliates and occasionally invites their leadership to group discussions on topics of broad interest. This work helps us to support the ‘community of communities,’ to align our work and to avoid duplication of effort. However, it is largely invisible to LPC’s membership. To recognize our affiliates’ contributions to our community, and to connect our members to resources and opportunities in peer communities, we are publishing a series of Affiliate Spotlights on the blog in 2024.


Website: https://clockss.org/
X (Twitter): @CLOCKSSArchive
Strategic affiliate since: 2021

CLOCKSS is a community-led collaboration of academic publishers and research libraries around the world, working together to provide a sustainable online archive. Together we ensure the long-term survival of our shared intellectual heritage.

At CLOCKSS, we provide services to libraries and publishers built over the award winning LOCKSS software, to instill confidence in authors, scholars, policy makers, libraries, and publishers that scholarship is safely and securely preserved for future generations.

How does it work? Simply put more copies = more security. But add to that, the less correlated those copies the safer, the more dependable each copy the safer, and the faster failures get detected and repaired the safer the content is.

CLOCKSS preserves content for a wide array of library publishers around the world, and we are happy to provide advice and guidance about approaches to ensure that the content you publish is protected.

CLOCKSS complements other preservation services and preservation activities at local, national, regional, and international levels. In some cases, our holdings are unique thanks to our trusted relationships. In other cases, we provide necessary resilience. According to the KEEPERS registry, 2,010 of the journals preserved in CLOCKSS are uniquely preserved by us. An independent non-profit, CLOCKSS makes sustaining financial contributions to the broader community of LOCKSS-based preservation services who in turn archive at least 5,244 more unique journal titles.

Digital preservation is an important part of every publisher’s disaster recovery strategy. Be sure you are a part of the solution. Learn more at https://clockss.org/.


We asked our affiliates to identify some of their resources that may be of interest to the LPC community.


From 2021-23, LPC convened a Preservation Task Force (2021-23) which investigated the preservation needs and practices of library publishers, and recommended actions to LPC’s Board to support work in this area. CLOCKSS participated in that group, and has continued their involvement with the follow-up Preservation Working Group, which is currently implementing some of the task force’s recommendations.