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Ethical Framework 2.0 PDF CoverLPC is delighted to announce the publication of Version 2.0 of An Ethical Framework for Library Publishing. A dedicated task force worked for two years to draft this update to the Library Publishing Coalition’s 2018 Framework. The result is a remarkably different document, structured to orient library publishers to how they might proceed toward ethical thinking in their discipline. The form, scope, and direction of this Framework are entirely new; we’re looking forward to hearing from the community about how it is used and how it can be improved — please email contact@librarypublishing.org with feedback and suggestions!

This version of the Framework is available alongside Version 1.0 at Purdue University Libraries (https://doi.org/10.5703/1288284317619), as well as on the LPC’s Resources page. It is released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, so it can be freely copied, distributed, and built upon (where possible, please link to the version of record rather than reposting, to help us track the document’s impact and to ensure that the latest version is easily discoverable).

Thanks go to the outstanding volunteers who labored to make this unique framework a reality:

Tina Baich, IUPUI
Nina Collins, Purdue University
Jaime Ding, UCLA
Bernadette A. Lear, Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg
Anna Leonard, University of Namibia
Zoe Wake Hyde, Humanities Commons
Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University (task force chair)
Charlotte Roh, California Digital Library
Melanie Schlosser, Educopia Institute
Kate Shuttleworth, Simon Fraser University and the Public Knowledge Project
Christine Turner, University of Massachusetts Amherst