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February 7, 2018

Opportunity for spring memberships for new LPC members


Promotional image for the membership special

Thinking about applying for LPC membership for the 2018-19 membership year? Interested in starting your membership even earlier? The LPC membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th, and a flat fee of $2,000 is required for new memberships, regardless of when they are instated. Due to increased interest in LPC membership this year and the importance of the spring quarter for our community (the Library Publishing Forum, committee recruitment, and more), the Board has decided to offer new members a chance to start their memberships before July 1st. This membership “special” will cover April through June of this year, and the dues will be the equivalent of one quarter of the standard membership year dues. See below for details and email contact@librarypublishing.org with questions.

  • Criteria: As with all LPC memberships, this opportunity is open to academic and research libraries and library consortia who are engaged in or planning scholarly publishing activities.
  • Duration: April through June of 2018
  • Cost: $500
  • Benefits: New members will receive all standard membership benefits, including two discounted registrations to the Library Publishing Forum.
  • Renewal: As with all LPC memberships, the spring quarter memberships will be automatically renewed, and full membership dues ($2,000) will apply for the 2018-19 membership year.
  • How to apply: Fill out the application form available on our website.

February 2, 2018

Upcoming webinar with Claire Redhead of OASPA


Want to learn more about best practices in open access publishing? Join us at 12:00pm (EST) on Thursday, March 15 for a webinar with Claire Redhead, the Executive Director of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). In addition to sharing a global perspective on the OA publishing landscape, Claire will explain the role that her organization plays in promoting high standards for OA scholarship, demystify OASPA’s membership criteria, and answer questions from the LPC community. This will also be an opportunity for her to hear from LPC’s members about the issues that are important to us in the OA realm. Get the details.

Promotional image for upcoming webinar "Best practices in open access publishing"

Can’t make the webinar? Not at a member institution? Our webinar recordings are made freely available on our website, so check back in March!

January 22, 2018

Announcing three new LPC Sponsors – Ubiquity Press, SSP, and bepress


As part of our new Publishers and Service Providers Program, we are delighted to announce our first batch of organization-level sponsors for the LPC: Ubiquity Press, the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and bepress. These organizations are contributing financially to the ongoing success of the LPC and contributing an important set of voices to community discussions. We sincerely appreciate their support and look forward to working with them in the coming year!

Statement from Ubiquity Press:

Ubiquity Press is an open scholarship services platform that makes open access publishing and repositories affordable for everyone. We are excited to support the Library Publishing Coalition, because we share a focus on sustainable publishing services and believe libraries have an vital role in shaping innovative academic publishing.

Ubiquity Press logo



Statement from the Society for Scholarly Publishing:

SSP is a community for everyone engaged in scholarly publishing. We place a high value on the advancement of scholarly communication and professional development through education, collaboration, and networking. We share similar goals with the Library Publishing Coalition and have become a sponsor in order to demonstrate support for library publishing as a community of practice and to facilitate dialogue among the broader publishing community.

SSP logo

Statement from bepress:

The bepress community publishes over 1,400 journals on the Digital Commons platform, from double-blind peer-reviewed faculty journals to undergraduate arts and literary magazines. With such a strong library-led publishing community, bepress has long been eager to support the Library Publishing Coalition; we are delighted to finally be able to do so as an official sponsor.

bepress logo

January 19, 2018

Upcoming webinar with Creative Commons USA


Do you use Creative Commons licenses? Do you have questions about how best to implement them in your publishing? Do you find yourself wondering what constitutes “noncommercial” use or what the heck “share alike” means? Make sure to tune in at 1pm EST on Tuesday, January 30th for a webinar titled “Copyright and Creative Commons: Publishing with open licenses,” hosted by the Professional Development Committee and presented by staff from Creative Commons USA.

Can’t make the webinar? Not at a member institution? Our webinar recordings are made freely available on our website, so check back in February!

Publicity image for Creative Commons webinar

January 8, 2018

New resource: Publishers and Service Providers List


LPC Publishers & Service Providers

As part of our new Publishers and Service Providers Program, LPC is releasing a new resource for the library publishing community: the Publishers and Service Providers List. The list is a place where any organization eligible for the larger program (non- and for-profit publishers and service providers that work with, or provide services of interest to, library publishers) can indicate its interest in working with library publishers. Check out the list page for further details about how the list is created and updated.

We will continue to add to the list as new inquiries come in, but as of today, it includes the following organizations: bepress, BiblioLabs, Project MUSE, Overleaf, Public Knowledge Project, PKP Publishing Services, Scholastica, Ubiquity Press, and Veruscript. (See the list page for more information about each of them.) We are delighted to have so many organizations on board at launch, and would especially note the impressive array of options for journal hosting. We hope to see the list continue to expand in future – both in number and in scope. Other organizations we would like to see on the list include additional platforms and tools (open source, commercial, and hosted), preservation services, discovery services and platforms, editorial and publishing workflow support services, and publishers who are interested in partnering with libraries on publishing projects. If you work with an organization that works with library publishers – or would like to – fill out the inquiry form to request inclusion on the list.

We hope that this list will help connect library publishers with crucial support, and further strengthen the ecosystem of scholarly publishing. Let us know what you think!

View the List

January 2, 2018

New year, slight change to the blog


Happy New Year, library publishers! Since we launched our new website in October, we’ve really enjoyed having a blog where we can quickly share information with the community and do some informal publishing. When we originally set it up, we turned on the commenting function so that readers would have an opportunity to participate in the conversation. We were not, however, terribly surprised when we didn’t get any. Blog commenting in general has become less useful as platforms like Twitter and Facebook have gained prominence, and it’s increasingly common for news sites and other online publications to disable commenting. The amount of time we spend moderating spam comments is pretty minimal [1], and if the comments function was proving useful to the community, we would happily invest that time to keep the content human-generated. As it is, we have made the decision to instead turn off commenting and focus our website-maintaining energy elsewhere. This is an easily-reversible decision, and one we will happily revisit in future if the need arises. In the meantime, we would encourage you to comment on LPC blog posts on the listserv (members), on Twitter (everyone), or on your own blog (feel free to send us a link that we can share).

[1] And, honestly, it was all worth it when we got a spam comment that read, “Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you.”

December 19, 2017

Announcing our new Publishers and Service Providers Program


LPC Publishers & Service Providers

As the year draws to a close, we have one more big announcement: the official launch of LPC’s new Publishers and Service Providers Program! The Publishers and Service Providers Program is a multi-tier sponsorship program designed to provide opportunities for its participants to engage with the community of library publishers. To ensure that it is welcoming to a wide range of organizations, the program also includes a free tier consisting of inclusion in LPC’s Publishers and Service Providers list (coming in 2018).

While we have always relied on sponsors to support the Library Publishing Forum, we have not been able to provide opportunities for sponsors and community members to engage during the other 363 days of the year. The new program still includes Forum-only tiers, but it also provides opportunities for organizations who want to participate more fully in the LPC community. Year-round benefits include participation in LPC’s listserv, attendance at member-only events, and the opportunity to present a vendor webinar.

This new program is a companion to our Strategic Affiliates Program, which is focused on peer membership organizations. The Publishers and Service Providers Program is much broader, and is appropriate for a wide range of non- and for-profit organizations. Both programs are intended to help the LPC develop closer relationships with other organizations in our space, to raise the profile of library publishing, and to help our members make connections that will benefit their publishing programs.

Interested in participating? Just fill out this form to get the ball rolling!

December 6, 2017

What library publishing looks like in 2017 – Excerpt from the Library Publishing Directory


Cover image of the 2018 Library Publishing DirectoryIf you haven’t yet checked out the latest edition of the Library Publishing Directory and the new, searchable online platform, well…they’re pretty cool! See our previous post for the full announcement. While we are super excited about the online platform, the one thing it doesn’t have is the Directory‘s front and back matter, which is more interesting than you’d think.

Each year, the Directory‘s introduction includes a ‘state of the field’ based on that year’s data. It highlights trends and new developments in library publishing as reported by the programs that contribute their information. We wanted to share this year’s on the blog to make it easier to find and discuss. The following is an excerpt from this year’s Directory, written by Melanie Schlosser, Liz Hamilton, Joshua Neds-FoxTom Bielavitz, and Alexandra Hoff.


Each year, the Directory Committee mines the Directory data set in order to highlight trends and unique aspects of library publishing. In our fifth year, the trends and tendencies pointed out in previous introductions have started to reveal themselves as enduring characteristics and essential features of the library publishing landscape. We believe this reflects both the growing data set and the maturing of the field itself. This introduction highlights that continuity (“The Song Remains the Same”) and draws out two of those essential features for consideration (“Openness” and “Publishing and Pedagogy”).


December 6, 2017

Announcing the 2018 Library Publishing Directory and a new online platform

Promotional image for 2018 Library Publishing Directory

The Library Publishing Coalition is pleased to announce publication of the 2018 Library Publishing Directory, as well as the launch of a new, searchable online platform for the Directory data.

2018 Library Publishing Directory

This year’s Library Publishing Directory highlights the publishing activities of 125 academic and research libraries, and is openly available in PDF and EPUB format. The Directory illustrates the many ways in which libraries are actively transforming and advancing scholarly communications in partnership with scholars, students, university presses, and others.

New Online Platform for the Directory

We are also excited to share the Directory in a new format – a searchable online platform! As of launch, the new platform includes the data from the 2017 and 2018 Directories, with 2014 through 2016 coming soon. In addition to full-text searching, the new platform allows users to sort and limit by a number of factors, including location, publication types and formats, and software platforms used. We are delighted to provide this new functionality for the Directory’s rich data set, and we welcome feedback on it.

Publication of the 2018 Directory was overseen by the LPC’s Directory Committee:

  • Liz Hamilton, Northwestern University (2017-18 chair)
  • Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University
  • Tom Bielavitz, Portland State University
  • Alexandra Hoff, Purdue University
  • Melanie Schlosser, Educopia Institute (ex officio)

The Directory is made possible by the generous donation of services from Purdue University Libraries and Bookmasters.

November 29, 2017

LPC becomes a PKP Strategic Partner


Remember when we rolled out our Strategic Affiliates Program a few weeks ago? One of the fun things about launching that program was talking to our new strategic affiliates about the ways that they work with their own communities, and the opportunities for organizations like ours to get involved. As it turns out, the Public Knowledge Project has a similar program of their own – the PKP Strategic Partners. As of today, we are delighted to announce that LPC is an official PKP strategic partner!  Some dueling quotes from the announcement:

John Willinsky, PKP’s Founder and Director stated: “The Library Publishing Coalition represents the growing number of academic libraries in North America and elsewhere that are providing the publishing services and support needed to expand open access. Libraries and open access publications represent two closely aligned and cooperative communities that PKP seeks to serve, and so it is fitting for us to collaborate with the LPC and their members given our sharing of many common goals.”

And our response:

“The LPC is delighted to join the list of PKP’s Strategic Partners and to formalize the already-strong partnership between our two organizations. PKP’s software has been invaluable to the community of library publishers, and our community continues to benefit from innovations such as PKP’s Private LOCKSS Network. We look forward to continuing to work with PKP on community-focused initiatives, and to future collaborations around education and advocacy.”

Thanks for the invitation, PKP – we’re very happy to join!

November 29, 2017

Nominations open for the Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing


Image of a sparkler in a dark forest, name of the award

Have you read (or written) some good scholarship on library publishing this year? If so, consider nominating it for the 2018 Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing! The award is given out by LPC’s Research Committee to recognize an excellent research or theory publication from the previous calendar year. Publications can be nominated by the author or by any staff member from an LPC member institution. (Nominated author(s) do not need to be affiliated with a LPC member institution.) Please read the eligibility criteria, and turn in your nominations by January 16, 2018.


November 15, 2017

LPC welcomes a new strategic affiliate: Digital Public Library of America


Logo for the Digital Public Library of America

The Library Publishing Coalition is delighted to welcome the Digital Public Library of America as a new strategic affiliate! A statement from DPLA:

The Digital Public Library of America is excited to join the members of Library Publishing Coalition in our shared goal of maximizing access to open and trustworthy information. DPLA connects people to the riches held within America’s libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions and we are working to expand the discoverability, accessibility, and availability of ebooks for the general public. DPLA’s vision for improving the ebook ecosystem includes helping libraries serve more open access content, such as Creative Commons-licensed fiction and nonfiction, open textbooks and open educational resources, and public domain classics. As part of this work, DPLA is currently piloting the DPLA Exchange (exchange.dp.la), a marketplace where libraries can purchase popular ebooks and other e-content to serve to their patrons. For more on DPLA’s ebook initiatives, visit our blog.

Strategic affiliates are peer membership associations who have a focal area in scholarly communications and substantial engagement with libraries, publishers, or both. See our list of strategic affiliates or learn more about the program.

LPC Strategic Affiliates icon

November 6, 2017

LPC welcomes a new member: University of Cincinnati


The Library Publishing Coalition is delighted to welcome University of Cincinnati as a member! About their program:

The University of Cincinnati Library Publishing Services (CLiPS) an imprint of the University of Cincinnati Press, provides professional publishing services to faculty, staff, departments, and centers associated with the university. CLiPS assists authors and editors in publishing output in print, digital and open access incorporating new technologies to provide our community with a full range of services promoting academic scholarship. We support faculty-authored publications sponsored by UC academic departments, publications edited by UC organizations, affordable textbooks, open educational resources, and student run publications. We encourage the exploration of new types of publications in print or electronic forms working with materials beyond traditional written papers and monographs.

Logo of the University of Cincinnati Press


November 2, 2017

Upcoming Event: Roundtable Discussion on Elsevier’s Acquisition of bepress


Want to talk about Elsevier’s recent acquisition of bepress and what it means for library publishers? (You know you do!) Join us on Friday, November 17 at 2pm EST for a roundtable discussion hosted by LPC’s Board and facilitated by Joshua Neds-Fox (Wayne State University). See the event post for more details.

About LPC Roundtables: These member-only discussions take place approximately every other month, and each one has a specified topic and an LPC member facilitator, and they often include at least one guest participant. They are informal (no presentations, no recordings), and are designed to give the LPC community an opportunity to discuss a topic of interest, as well as to identify opportunities for collaboration and areas that need further investigation or programming. Roundtable discussions are open to all staff at member institutions.

November 2, 2017

Members section of LPC website is here!


We hope you’ve been enjoying the public-facing areas of our redesigned website! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the members section, and are ready to share it with the community. Any staff member at an LPC member institution can request a website login which you can use to:

  • Access the Shared Documentation
  • Upload your program’s documentation to share with the community
  • View other member-only content, such as Board meeting minutes

To request an account, email contact@librarypublishing.org, cc’ing your LPC voting representative.  Please note that LPC website accounts will be linked to the users’ institutional email address, so if you contact us from a third-party email service (e.g. Gmail), make sure to include your institutional email in the message. To share documents via the website, follow the instructions in the policies & procedures document.

November 1, 2017

Upcoming Event: Webinar on Creating Accessible PDFs


PDF is a common format for library publishers, but it comes with a host of accessibility challenges.  LPC members are invited to join us on Wednesday, December 12 at noon EST/9am PST for a webinar on PDF accessibility, organized by LPC’s Professional Development Committee. Attendees will learn how to evaluate the accessibility of existing PDFs and create new PDFs to be as accessible as possible.

The webinar will be led by Carli Spina, from LPC member institution Boston College Libraries. If you haven’t already seen it, Carli recently taught an excellent webinar on creating accessible presentations for the Digital Library Federation. Check it out!

Not an LPC member? Can’t make it to the live webinar? Never fear! We will record the presentation and make it available in our webinar archive after the event.

See the event post for more details.

October 26, 2017

Announcing LPC’s new Strategic Affiliates Program


LPC AffiliatesWhile we’re making big announcements (new website, 70th member, etc.), we have another piece of exciting news to share: the launch of a new Strategic Affiliates Program! (Clearly we’ve been busy lately.)  When the LPC was founded, our original Strategic Affiliates Program was extremely helpful to us in understanding the landscape and building relationships with other organizations in our space. As we have grown, however, we have recognized a need for more engagement with our strategic affiliates, and are updating the program accordingly. The new program is limited to other membership organizations, and includes more regular communication and benefits, such as participation in LPC’s listserv and attendance at member-only events. We are launching the new program with seven initial affiliates: the Association of American University Presses, the Coalition for Networked Information, the Directory of Open Access Journals, NASIG, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, the Public Knowledge Project, and the Society for Scholarly Publishing.

We welcome inquiries from other membership associations who are interested in participating in the Strategic Affiliates Program. Email Melanie Schlosser to get the conversation going! (If your organization doesn’t meet the criteria, check out our soon-to-launch Publishers and Service Providers program.)

October 20, 2017

LPC welcomes our 70th member: the University of Alberta!


The Library Publishing Coalition hits a major milestone this week as we welcome our 70th member institution: University of Alberta! To celebrate, we have asked them to answer a few questions:

Tell us a little about your library and your publishing activities!

University of Alberta is a large, research-intensive university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and home to a fantastic library team. The Libraries, which includes the University of Alberta Press, offer free journal hosting services to any Canadian journals committed to open access.

Why did you decide to join LPC?

We are excited to join the LPC community in order to learn from and engage with fellow members. We look forward to also sharing our experiences and giving back what knowledge and expertise we can to this group. We feel the goals and activities of the LPC align very nicely with our own! LPC membership complements other partnership work we are involved in, e.g. UAL is a PKP Development Partner.

How do you think membership will benefit your organization?

LPC offers a large community (70 members strong!) working to influence and reshape scholarly communications through the engagement of libraries as active partners in this process. The LPC will no doubt provide us with many sources of inspiration and encouragement, and with helpful supporting resources and a growing community of potential collaborators to join forces with in doing this work.

Are there any aspects of membership that you are particularly excited to tap into?

Collaborating with the community to promote and support the work libraries do (and have long done) in publishing will be rewarding work. Connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations via the conference and communication channels will help our staff learn and grow in their own initiatives as well. A number of the committees and working groups look to be doing interesting work. We look forward to joining these efforts!

While we are welcoming the University of Alberta, we also wanted to take a moment to recognize and celebrate all of our members and the amazing community that they have built. Hats off to each one to you!

Onwards and upwards,
The LPC Staff

October 17, 2017

Announcing the launch of the new LPC website!


After five months of hard work and digital soul-searching, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Library Publishing Coalition website!

Throughout the redesign process, we strived to refresh the look of the website while simultaneously making it easier to update and maintain. We’re excited that the new website is more mobile-friendly than our previous site and better showcases the Library Publishing Forum. We’ve also added this brand new blog, so be sure to check back for updates from the LPC team and original content from the community!

The new site will also feature improved member-only functionality, including a revamped Shared Documentation Portal. The member content will launch the week of October 30th, so stay tuned for an announcement and instructions on how to access it.

We hope that the new website makes the exciting work of the Library Publishing Coalition more accessible and engaging. We are deeply grateful to all of our partners who devoted their time and energy to the redesign process!

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please email Melanie Schlosser.