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The Library Publishing Coalition is delighted to welcome Érudit as a new strategic affiliate! A statement from Érudit:

With over 5 million users a year, Érudit is Canada’s leading platform for disseminating research in the humanities and social sciences. Supported by an inter-university consortium, it provides French and English research communities with a range of services in digital publishing and dissemination. Érudit works with the Public Knowledge Project in Coalition Publica, a partnership to advance research dissemination and digital scholarly publishing in Canada. Together, we are supporting the social sciences and humanities journal community in the transition towards sustainable open access.

And a statement from LPC on the new relationship:

This new relationship with Érudit builds on our existing partnership with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and our ongoing support of the Canadian community of library publishers (most recently via the Canadian Community Development Working Group). Having both PKP and Érudit as affiliates will allow us to continue to develop our relationships with each community and with their joint endeavor, Coalition Publica. The Canadian library publishing community is a developing model for other regional and consortial publishing efforts, and it is one that LPC is excited to learn from.

Strategic affiliates are peer membership associations who have a focal area in scholarly communications and substantial engagement with libraries, publishers, or both. See our list of strategic affiliates or learn more about the program.

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