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If you’ll be at this year’s Library Publishing Forum, consider helping us make the program more accessible to those who cannot attend in person.

We’re seeking interested volunteers to join us in a coordinated effort to capture and stream conference sessions live to Twitter. 

Here’s how this will work:

  • If you have a smartphone that you can use to capture and stream sessions to Twitter, and if you are interested in joining us in this effort, please let us know your name and contact information via this form by Friday, May 4. (Please note that we will have access to campus wifi, so you will not be required to use your wireless data connection for this.)
  • A program committee representative will host a virtual training session on Tuesday, May 8 to go over account access, Periscope livestreaming instructions, and logistics. Volunteers will then meet in person as a group on Tuesday, May 22 during breakfast to go over guidelines, details, software/hardware, and assignments.
  • Educopia will provide tripods and microphones in each room to improve the quality of the streaming.
  • Each volunteer will receive their livestreaming assignments (including session, room number and location, and presenters) via email the week before the conference. We will only stream presentations where the presenter has granted permission to do so.

We very much hope that you’ll help us make this year’s Forum the most accessible and inclusive one yet!  Please do sign up if you’re interested, or feel free to email Hannah Ballard (hannah@educopia.org) if you have any questions or concerns.

Curious about how to watch the livestreamed sessions? Follow us on Twitter (where the livestream will be shared) and keep an eye on our blog for more information.