The LPC’s Professional Development Committee coordinates a regular webinar series to provide opportunities to share knowledge, discuss on-the-ground experiences, and build on community expertise. Webinar recordings are made openly available here.

Date and time: Tuesday, January 30, 1-2pm EST Presenter: Meredith Jacob, Public Lead for Creative Commons USA Moderators: Barbara DeFelice (Dartmouth College) and Rhonda Marker (Rutgers University)

Publishing under an open license can have significant benefits for researchers, educators, and students – as well as boosting innovation and improving access to knowledge – but navigating copyright, fair use, and licensing isn’t easy. Creative Commons licenses are designed to help simplify the process, but they operate in this complex environment. In this webinar, you will learn how to apply different Creative Commons licenses in the publishing context, and delve into questions such as what “non-commercial” means, how to handle 3rd party copyrighted content in a CC licensed work, and what attribution is all about in the CC context.

As Public Lead for Creative Commons USA, Meredith Jacob maintains the core legal guidance around Creative Commons licenses.