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The LPC maintains a list of jobs that incorporate library publishing roles. To be included in this list, the position must be located administratively in a library, or report directly to a library-based supervisor. The primary function(s) of the position must directly engage in the creation, dissemination, and/or curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works. Administrative positions that do not directly engage in these functions may be included if they include supervisory responsibility primarily for employees who are performing these functions.

The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Geneseo is a highly regarded public liberal arts college. Milne Library is a vibrant social and intellectual center of the College that has a history of developing digital publishing projects to support teaching and learning.In response to Student Assembly and University Faculty Senate Resolutions, and the growing impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption across SUNY, the Open SUNY Textbook (OST) project at Milne Library is seeking an Executive Director to coordinate services for faculty adoption of OER that can be effectively sustained, improved, and shared. 
The Executive Director for Open Educational Resources (OER) will administer and coordinate operations and the strategic direction for Open SUNY Textbooks (OST) and OER Services, based at SUNY Geneseo. The position will provide program oversight, strategic planning, advocacy, outreach, membership administration, and project management for OST and OER Services. The Executive Director will collaborate with colleagues across SUNY to develop campus OER scale-up initiatives; develop and deliver programs; design processes and services supporting the integration of open content into a college’s curriculum; work to identify funding opportunities for OER initiatives and present opportunities to SUNY campuses; seek OER collaborations between SUNY faculty to develop OER; work closely with the Open Education Lab at the University at Buffalo to design research opportunities for OER adopters; and work with SUNY Geneseo and SUNY System Administration to develop a long-term business and sustainability model for OST and OER Services.
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