Job Board

The LPC maintains a list of jobs that incorporate library publishing roles. To be included in this list, the position must be located administratively in a library, or report directly to a library-based supervisor. The primary function(s) of the position must directly engage in the creation, dissemination, and/or curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works. Administrative positions that do not directly engage in these functions may be included if they include supervisory responsibility primarily for employees who are performing these functions.

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) at Simon Fraser University ( is seeking full-time and part-time Software Developers to join our team in providing the leading open source platform for running academic journals, books, and conferences. Reporting to the Associate Director of Development, PKP Software Developers are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing clear and secure software solutions for a variety of PHP-based applications. Duties also include conducting system analysis and recommending changes or enhancements, actively participating in an international developer community, conferring with users to better understand system requirements and usability issues, investigating problem areas, and general troubleshooting.

Tired of commuting to the office everyday from 9 to 5? As a member of the PKP team, you are able to work anywhere in the world during the hours that work best for you (apart from some regularly scheduled team meetings). You will have opportunities to travel, participate in conferences and workshops, and interact with a growing international community of users in the academic, software development, and publishing worlds. This is a fixed-term contract with a probationary period and good potential for continuing work. Salary is negotiable based on qualifications and experience.

Qualifications include:

  • Experience with current web development technology, especially PHP and Javascript.
  • Experience with SQL (esp. MySQL and PostgreSQL), Apache, and Linux server administration.

Additional consideration given for:

  • Knowledge of, or experience with, PKP software (e.g. Open Journal Systems) or a similar open source project is valuable but not necessary.
  • Enthusiasm for open source projects and understanding of the benefits of openness in general (open access, open standards, open data, open access to information, etc.)
  • Experience with current user interface and user experience best practices, using AJAX, JQuery, CSS, and/or similar tools.

Interested applicants should send the following:

  • a cover letter containing a summary of their experience, and at least two references;
  • a copy of their resume; and
  • code samples, ideally in PHP, ideally open-source (e.g. via a Github repository).

Please submit your application to Kevin Stranack, Managing Director, PKP ( Posting will remain open until filled.


The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative led by scholars, librarians, and software developers from around the world. We have been developing free, open source software for the management, publishing, and indexing of journals, books, and conferences since 2001. Our current software suite is comprised of four modules: Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), Open Conference Systems (OCS), and Open Harvester Systems (OHS). More than 10,000 journals use OJS, our flagship software. This popularity, together with demand for our publishing services, has increased the need for continued development and customization. In addition to open source software, PKP is committed to open access research, education and advocacy. Together, with like minded individuals and institutions, we make knowledge public.

Visit our website (, GitHub (, and Community Forum ( to learn more.