Job Board

The LPC maintains a list of jobs that incorporate library publishing roles. To be included in this list, the position must be located administratively in a library, or report directly to a library-based supervisor. The primary function(s) of the position must directly engage in the creation, dissemination, and/or curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works. Administrative positions that do not directly engage in these functions may be included if they include supervisory responsibility primarily for employees who are performing these functions.

The Indiana University Bloomington Libraries seek a proactive, innovative, collaborative Department Head for Scholarly Communications, with additional responsibilities as Research Data Management Librarian. The incumbent will be responsible for directing the work of the department in addition to personal responsibility for the development and delivery of research data management services. In addition to experience in scholarly communications, relevant experience for this position could include directing a similar research data management program within a research library or within a lab or research environment.The Scholarly Communication Department works to increase campus awareness of scholarly communication issues such as intellectual property, the economics of scholarly publishing, alternative publishing models, and increased access to scholarly resources (e.g., research data, grey literature, and published materials). In addition to leading initiatives and services for the management, preservation, and access to research data, the department is responsible for services using the institutional repository as well as open access publishing initiatives, working in close collaboration with the IU Press under the university’s Office of Scholarly Publishing.
Working in a cross-functional matrix the department head will engage with units within the Libraries — especially Library Technologies, Scholarly Communications, the Office of Scholarly Publishing, and with subject librarians, to provide Scholarly Communications services and data management expertise for both the libraries and individual researchers as part of the IU Scholars’ Commons suite of digital scholarship services. In addition to working with library units and scholars, this position will foster collaborations and relationships that complement the Libraries’ capacity to support the University’s interdisciplinary research and technology initiatives. Broad institutional partnerships, instrumental in ensuring cohesion and collaboration in scholarly communications and data management resources at the institutional level, include partnerships with many different IU offices. These include Indiana University’s Office of Research Administration, University Information Technology Services, Pervasive Technology Institute-Data to Insight Center, and Office of the Vice-Provost for Research, as well as external national organizations, such as the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and the Library Publishing Coalition.
Reporting to the Associate Dean for Research and Technology Strategies, the Head of the Scholarly Communication Department will be responsible for creating the vision and directing program operations and personnel by setting program goals, policies, best practices, and assessment metrics for program success and sustainability. In addition, the position partners with campus units and other library departments such as the Office of Scholarly Publishing and Library Technologies to develop solutions for collecting, disseminating, and preserving new forms of scholarly communication. These activities coalesce to create educational and outreach materials for intellectual property issues as well as consultative services regarding scholarly works permissions and strategy that are key to the Program’s success.
Develop strategic directions for the Scholarly Communications Department and assess program progress that align with the library and campus strategic plans.
Lead and implement key initiatives associated with the Scholarly Communications Program.
Manage Scholarly Communications Department daily operations and supervise, direct, and support program staff (currently 1 Scholarly Communications Librarian and 1 Open Access Publishing Manager).
Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with appropriate personnel in library units (e.g. Collections Services, , Library Technologies, Technical Services), campus units (e.g. Office of Scholarly Publishing, Offices of Vice-President and Vice-Provost for Research, Data to Insight Center, campus governance committees, and groups relevant to intellectual property), IU units (e.g. IU Office of the General Counsel, University Information Technology Services), and national organizations (e.g. SPARC, LPC and others.).
Manage and coordinate the content elements for the library’s Scholarly Communications Department web presence in coordination with the Department of Discovery and User Experience.
Lead and develop the IU Libraries Program for research data management within the Scholarly Communications department.
Consultation and Instruction
Along with program staff and librarians, consult with faculty, researchers, graduate students, and post-doctoral students/fellows on publishing choices, understanding publishing agreements, benefits of open access publishing, retention of rights, and overall management of intellectual property.
Lead library contributions to university- and campus-wide initiatives to develop and design policies, services, and infrastructure to enable faculty and students to preserve and make available their research data, thus maximizing the utility of it.
Serve as a library consultant to IUB faculty, researchers, and project teams on the development of data management plans for grant applications and general data stewardship, including serving as a collaborative team member for data curation throughout the research process.
Participate in the design and development of data services relative to the institutional repository (IR).
Develop an education program and curriculum for faculty, researchers, and students regarding research data management and data publishing and re-use including areas such as open access, data management, copyright, fair use, and author rights.
Coordinate ongoing training and support for library staff on data management fundamentals and services to incorporate data management, citation, and preservation into library services.
Inform the IU community of the significance of national scholarly communications trends and contribute to the campus efforts to ensure that scholars, students, and libraries in the digital environment retain full benefits of the current and evolving intellectual property system.
Outreach and Collaborations
Coordinate with the IU Enterprise Scholarly Systems and Library Technologies team to ensure that the IU Bloomington campus repository scholarly content is well curated, discoverable, and preserved in the IU Digital Repository.
Collaborate with the IU Copyright Librarian on matters concerning copyright issues for faculty and graduate students and for managed content within the Scholarly Communications program.
Work with departments and research centers on the IU Bloomington campus to provide education, outreach, and to develop new services that support trends in scholarly communications and data transparency and availability.
ALA-accredited Master’s degree or advanced degree in relevant field appropriate to management of scholarly communications and data management programs.
Two or more years of experience in management and staff supervision.
Ability to interpret and apply library and university policies and guidelines in a service setting.
Knowledge of user experience principles and best practices.
Demonstrated analytical, writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills; ability to represent the library effectively and positively to diverse audiences.
Demonstrated experience with relevant technical and descriptive standards, existing and emerging, for scholarly communications and data management objects.
Knowledge of institutional repository technologies, standards, and best practices.
Ability to maintain knowledge on a broad range of data repositories including submission requirements, Intellectual Property and use arrangements, and provide guidance on repository workflows and selection for data preservation.
Ability to work in a collegial, collaborative work environment and maintain positive professional working relationships with faculty members, supervisor, peers, and direct reports. 
Ability to meet the requirements of a tenure-track librarian position at IU.[1]
Experience that includes cross-disciplinary subject knowledge and a research background in data management in one or more areas of science, social sciences, or humanities.
Experience working in agile development teams, preferably as a product owner or product council member, including experience with software development teams and other multi-disciplinary team projects.
Coursework or certification in scholarly communications, data management, curation, or preservation.
Demonstrated knowledge of technical, legal, and information policy issues related to scholarly communications/publishing and new modes of scholarly communications.
Demonstrated knowledge of intellectual property and copyright issues in academic or research settings as they relate to creation, dissemination, and use of digital information resources, especially across an array of disciplines and contexts.
Review of applications will begin Friday, July 1, 2016. The position will remain open until filled. Interested candidates should review the application requirements and submit their application at Questions regarding the position or application process can be directed to: Jennifer Chaffin, Director of Human Resources, Libraries Human Resources, Herman B Wells Library 201, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405 – Phone: 812-855-8196 – Fax: 812-855-2576 – Email: